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SERVPRO Is One of Raleigh’s Top Mold Remediation Services

1/30/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing on the white walls of a room Finding mold on your property can be overwhelming. Call SERVPRO for effective mold damage remediation services. Our team is standing by 24/7.

Fast and Effective Mold Remediation in Raleigh

Restoring mold-damaged homes in Raleigh generally involves containment, removal, cleanup, and drying efforts. Fortunately, firms like SERVPRO are well-versed in the most effective remediation procedures and have the necessary equipment to carry out these actions. Most times, enlisting their aid is going to save you both time and money in the long run.

Unlike some other Raleigh mold remediation firms, SERVPRO technicians are specifically trained in the latest techniques and equipped with the most advanced tools of their trade. After completing their training, our recruits have developed into full-fledged mold specialists capable of performing complete mold inspection, finishing complex mold removal projects, and doing a wide range of restoration work, like black mold damage repairs. Once at your residence, SERVPRO’s experts:

  • Work quickly to prevent mold from spreading to unaffected areas by sealing impacted rooms with plastic sheeting, covering HVAC vents to keep mold out of ductwork, establishing negative air pressure in containment areas, and designating decontamination buffer zones so mold isn’t inadvertently carried into unaffected places. 
  • Identify and remove irreparably damaged porous materials, like insulation, drywall, carpeting, fabrics, and any rotting wood
  • Clear mold from wood, concrete, and other semi-porous materials with HEPA vacuums, damp wiping, sanding, wire brushing, and innovative abrasive methods
  • Remove fungi from nonporous surfaces, including those made of metals, glass, or plastics, using HEPA vacuuming or damp wiping with a detergent
  • Clean up dust/settled mold spores with damp wiping and HEPA vacuuming, starting at the ceiling and working their way down to the floor, cleaning surfaces in the direction of the negative air machines, and allowing time between cleaning sessions
  • Set up air mover-dehumidifier networks to return your interiors to their normal moisture levels once sufficient containment and removal measures have been taken. 

So, if your home ever requires mold remediation, rest assured that SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner can help. Call us anytime at (919) 615-1179 for assistance.

How Can Raleigh Mold Damage Be Prevented?

12/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician installing a plastic containment barrier If your property has mold damage, call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Techs Can Removal Traces of A Raleigh Mold Infestation

Vigilance is the key to avoiding the need for mold remediation in Raleigh properties. Homeowners should be on the lookout for sources of humidity and moisture in the home. Common areas for mold to grow within a home include:

  • Around air conditioning units
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Attics
  • Bathrooms
  • Appliances such as refrigerators or dishwasher

To minimize the potential for mold damage, homeowners in Raleigh need to stay aware of the conditions in their homes and the state of the plumbing. It is helpful to keep and maintain interior humidity levels below 50% to discourage mold spores from germinating. This air moisture level is also too low to sustain mold colony growth. Leaks in the plumbing need to get addressed as soon as they are seen. Areas in the home that lack ventilation should have air movement methods to stop moist air from stagnating. Exhaust fans can assist in dispelling moisture.

What Are The Signs of Mold Damage?

Although a mold infestation can grow behind the scenes in a home and can continue to spread until the conditions within the house do not allow it to sustain life. Even though mold damage does not announce itself, there are warning signs that colonies are present. One of the early warning signs that an area within the home needs mold remediation is the presence of a musty odor. Condensation on walls or other surfaces can indicate an issue with drainage or humidity in the room. Water stains on walls, floors, or ceilings can signify that mold lurks nearby.

Types of Mold

A single type of mold does not cause mold damage. There are over 300,000 species of mold throughout the world, and each kind needs specific conditions to thrive. Nearly all types need warm, damp conditions with little to no ventilation; mold colonies need sustenance such as wood, cardboard, and sheetrock. Mold can also consume fabrics and even dead skin cells.

How Soon Can Mold Damage Occur After Water Damage?

If the other conditions are right within a property, mold spores can germinate and spread as quickly as 24 to 72 hours after a leak or flood damage event within a home. When the mold grows on building materials, including insulation, they require disposal as they cannot get cleaned for reuse to a sanitary level. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians can identify the problem areas using their moisture detection equipment to show the most likely regions to sustain mold colonies. This enables the techs to target only the areas that need assistance and leave the entire home section intact.

What DIY Methods Work Against Mold Damage?

Homeowners should not attempt to clean up a mold damage problem independently. One of the main reasons is that improper removal can launch spores into the air, and they can land in other areas of the property, and if the humidity levels and temperature are correct, the spores can grow and spread. SERVPRO technicians can safely remediate mold colonies and apply the treatments to inhibit any return of the problem. We have EPA-approved antimicrobial products to target and exterminate mold spores and colonies specifically.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 brings professional mold damage remediation services to the local Raleigh area. The IICRC trained and certified technicians can handle any size mold infestation and make it "Like it never even happened."

How Can Raleigh Mold Damage Be Prevented?

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician installing a plastic containment barrier If your property has mold damage, call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Techs Can Removal Traces Of A Raleigh Mold Infestation

Vigilance is the key to avoiding the need for mold remediation in Raleigh properties. Homeowners should be on the lookout for sources of humidity and moisture in the home. Common areas for mold to grow within a home include:

  • Around air conditioning units
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Attics
  • Bathrooms
  • Appliances such as refrigerators or dishwasher

To minimize the potential for mold damage, homeowners in Raleigh need to stay aware of the conditions in their homes and the state of the plumbing. It is helpful to keep and maintain interior humidity levels below 50% to discourage mold spores from germinating. This air moisture level is also too low to sustain mold colony growth. Leaks in the plumbing need to get addressed as soon as they are seen. Areas in the home that lack ventilation should have air movement methods to stop moist air from stagnating. Exhaust fans can assist in dispelling moisture. 

What Are The Signs of Mold Damage?

Although a mold infestation can grow behind the scenes in a home and can continue to spread until the conditions within the house do not allow it to sustain life. Even though mold damage does not announce itself, there are warning signs that colonies are present. One of the early warning signs that an area within the home needs mold remediation is the presence of a musty odor. Condensation on walls or other surfaces can indicate an issue with drainage or humidity in the room. Water stains on walls, floors, or ceilings can signify that mold lurks nearby. 

Types of Mold 

A single type of mold does not cause mold damage. There are over 300,000 species of mold throughout the world, and each kind needs specific conditions to thrive. Nearly all types need warm, damp conditions with little to no ventilation; mold colonies need sustenance such as wood, cardboard, and sheetrock. Mold can also consume fabrics and even dead skin cells. 

How Soon Can Mold Damage Occur After Water Damage?

If the other conditions are right within a property, mold spores can germinate and spread as quickly as 24 to 72 hours after a leak or flood damage event within a home. When the mold grows on building materials, including insulation, they require disposal as they cannot get cleaned for reuse to a sanitary level. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians can identify the problem areas using their moisture detection equipment to show the most likely regions to sustain mold colonies. This enables the techs to target only the areas that need assistance and leave the entire home section intact. 

What DIY Methods Work Against Mold Damage?

Homeowners should not attempt to clean up a mold damage problem independently. One of the main reasons is that improper removal can launch spores into the air, and they can land in other areas of the property, and if the humidity levels and temperature are correct, the spores can grow and spread. SERVPRO technicians can safely remediate mold colonies and apply the treatments to inhibit any return of the problem. We have EPA-approved antimicrobial products to target and exterminate mold spores and colonies specifically.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 brings professional mold damage remediation services to the local Raleigh area. The IICRC trained and certified technicians can handle any size mold infestation and make it "Like it never even happened."

Overcoming Difficulties of Cleaning Raleigh Fire Damage

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are top-notch. our IICRC techs are read at a moment's notice.

SERVPRO Equipment Helps Quickly Manage Fire Damage

Having the right products and equipment to help after a fire loss emergency ensures that your home gets the immediate help it needs. We work closely with local insurance companies to meet the requirements for starting mitigation and restoration as soon as possible after first responders leave.

Moisture in the Environment

A wet environment can be challenging for cleaning fire damage in Raleigh homes. Water damage is common after extinguishment as first responders often use highly pressurized water hoses to extinguish the flames. The result is widespread pooling on the surface and a moist environment to make soot removal and smoke damage more of a challenge to remove and contain. Tools to help might include:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air movers
  • Extraction devices

Thick Soot Deposits

Wet smoke and thick smoke solids coming to rest on surfaces present multiple issues simultaneously. Soot particles are often carcinogenic, corrosive, and potentially marring. The longer they are allowed to rest on surfaces, the more likely that permanent damage results. Removing them requires a combination of products and equipment to protect the underlying material affected, which might include:

  • Alkaline cleaners to balance acidity
  • Solvents to dissolve stubborn soot
  • Pairing agents to lift soils and wipe them away

Confined Spaces and Accessibility Issues

Overcoming challenging areas to clean starts with preparation and planning. We determine needed tools and cleaning attachments to reach difficult surfaces and evaluate if and where controlled demolition might ultimately make restoration and recovery easier to manage and complete. Because we have a contractor license, we can complete the material removal and any subsequent repairs needed to return the house to preloss condition.

Fires leave many surfaces and building materials in dire need of cleaning and restoration; without prompt action by certified restoration technicians, irreparable and permanent damage results. Give our SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner team a call today at (919) 615-1179.

Three Phases of Mold Remediation in Raleigh Homes

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on a wall and ceiling. SERVPRO mold remediation services are second to none. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

SERVPRO Conducts Full Mold Remediation

There are three distinct phases of mold removal and cleanup for your home. When choosing our experienced SERVPRO team, you can be assured that each component gets addressed. We can assess the situation with a thorough inspection when we arrive and continue working through remediation and even build-back services to return your home to preloss condition.

Finding Mold Damage in Your Home

The first step of any mold remediation for Raleigh properties is finding where damaging organisms impact the house. Moisture and water damage can directly influence mold development, and signs of an infestation can often exist before the colonies surface on materials like drywall. Homeowners can investigate mold threats following strong, musty smells or after water damage and moisture concerns persisting longer than two days.

Removing Active Mold Colonization

Moving quickly when working to remove active mold growth from your property is pertinent. Surface treatment is the preferred approach, though this does not always resolve the entire infestation concern. More abrasive tactics, including media blasting, sanding, or even controlled demolition, are often necessary.

Returning Your Home to Normal

A mold infestation has multiple lingering effects on your home, even if the active colonization has been resolved and removed. The final phase of recovery and restoration of your property following these remediation needs involves structural repairs and neutralizing musty smells. We have a knowledgeable team of professionals to manage repairs and build-back services. We also have several options regarding deodorization needs, including:

  • Thermal/ULV fogging
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • HEPA air scrubbers

If you discover mold organisms in your home, you should work quickly on removing the colonies and repairing the damage they have caused. Our SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner team has remediation certification and experience to effectively make mold growth "Like it never even happened." Call today at (919) 615-1179.

Fire Damage Restoration in Raleigh Happens Fast with SERVPRO

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team on job-site Fire damage restoration is no easy task. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service for your home.

Dissolving Residues During Fire Damage Restoration 

Residues and soils that are not loose particles must be dissolved during fire damage restoration of your Raleigh home. SERVPRO techs use EPA-approved solvents to loosen the bonds between soils and surfaces, allowing them to be suspended. 

SERVPRO techs use water-based and solvent-based solutions to clean residues during fire damage restoration of your Raleigh home. We also perform a pre-test to ensure that the cleaning agent does not cause any damage to the surface. As the techs suspend the soils in the cleaning solution, it is rinsed or extracted from the surface.               

Steps to Dissolve Soils During House Fire Cleanup

SERVPRO techs use three steps to dissolve soils during the restoration of your Raleigh home-

  • Wash: During this step, the SERVPRO techs apply a cleaning agent to the surface and agitate it to penetrate and loosen the soils. Once the residues are dislodged, they dissolve or suspend in the cleaning agent. 
  • Rinse: It is a step of removing the residues using a cleaning agent. The techs use pressure, agitation, or absorption to penetrate and extract the cleaning agent containing the residues.
  • Dry: Drying is the final step of wet cleaning. SERVPRO techs remove all the water or solvent from the material during this step. Air movement, controlling humidity, and temperature can accelerate the drying rate. If the restorers don't remove the solvents completely, they can cause potential secondary damage. 

SERVPRO's restoration team aims to restore your home "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to talk to our restoration experts; we are available 24/7. 

Raleigh Trusts SERVPRO with Mold Remediation

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Open windows for fresh air sign Mold remediation for your home should be handled by SERVPRO, we are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

The Role of Negative Air Pressure in Mold Abatement

One of the most critical aspects of professional mold remediation in your Raleigh home is preventing the spread of airborne spores. Professionals like SERVPRO are experts at establishing containment barriers that prevent the spread of mold spores during the remediation process.     

SERVPRO techs establish negative air pressure during the mold remediation in your Raleigh home using equipment called the negative air machines (NAMs). The goal is to establish a pressure differential between the affected and unaffected areas of the building. The negative pressure inside the contaminated area allows techs to control the airflow into and from the area to undamaged parts of the structure.   

Air Moving Devices for Mold Damage Restoration

The air moving devices that SERVPRO techs use in Mold remediation in Raleigh are fitted with filters to remove dust, mold spores, and other microbial particles from the air leaving the affected area. These devices are often called air filtration devices or AFDs and contain the following three filters-

  • Primary filter
  • Secondary filter, and
  • HEPA filter

As the air moves progressively through primary and secondary filters as it leaves the containment area, larger particles and dust get trapped. The HEPA filter is the final barrier that traps the microscopic spores and smaller fungal fragments. 

SERVPRO techs ensure that filters used in the AFDs are periodically checked for any integrity breaches and installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. In most situations, the air from the HEPA AFD is exhausted outside the building to minimize the chances of cross-contamination. 

Mold damage can spread if you are not proactive in its mitigation. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455, and we can help to remove the infestations safely.

Sanitize and Deodorize in Raleigh with Expert Mold Remediation

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

mold growth along wall SERVPRO is trained and equipped to safely remediate mold damage.

Mold Mitigation and Remediation with SERVPRO for Raleigh Residents

There are many ways that mold may begin to colonize within your Raleigh property. Homes and businesses are susceptible to microbial growth whenever the right situation presents itself. You could have mold growth issues with poor ventilation, lack of proper cleanup after a water incident or flood, or a hidden leak. No matter the cause, indoor air quality (IAQ) and your building materials could be at risk. Call SERVPRO to mitigate the damage with swift action. 

Mold spores are microscopic, and they are everywhere around us at all times. If you require mold remediation in Raleigh, SERVPRO has you covered.


There are many reasons to choose expert mold cleanup versus trying to attempt DIY. First, there are many possible hazards that you should not address on your own without proper training, equipment, and protection. Additionally, you open the risk that secondary damage sets in should you not clean up the mold thoroughly the first time. 

SERVPRO’s mold cleanup and remediation process are as follows:

  • After inspection of areas with suspected mold, containment barriers get put into place.
  • We work to address the cause of the moisture increase and reduce the relative humidity (RH) in the contained space.
  • Mold cleanup begins with vacuums, careful brushing, and air scrubbers with onboard HEPA filtration.
  • Our IICRC trained technicians remove and dispose of all unsalvageable items and materials
  • Biocides and other cleaning agents get applied to all surfaces

We thoroughly dry and deodorize your interior to make it “Like it never happened.”

Why Not Attempt DIY?

Without professional cleanup, you risk degradation, discoloration, and staining on building materials and contents. The longer mold is left to multiply, the more hazardous the situation becomes. When we get done, your interior gets the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval.

Do you require help with mold remediation? Request help online or call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179.

SERVPRO Offers Safe and Effective Mold Remediation in Raleigh

4/30/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall behind a cabinet Finding a mold infestation in your home does not need to cause widespread panic. Contact SERVPRO before the situation escalates. We're here 24/7.

Our Raleigh Mold Remediation Specialists Know How to Restore Your Home Safely

Not all remediators in Raleigh know the safest and most effective procedures for restoring mold-damaged homes. This reality is important, given that both your residence and the well-being of your family are at stake when mold-related issues arise. With this in mind, you can rest assured that SERVPRO is a firm that knows how to best clean up and restore this type of damage.

SERVPRO, a mold remediation service in Raleigh, has extensive training and experience in dealing with residential bacterial and fungal contamination. Over the years, company mold specialists have safeguarded local homeowners and successfully completed countless mold inspection jobs, mold removal efforts, and black mold damage repairs. When performing their work, SERVPRO’s technicians adhere to the following time-tested procedures:

  • First, they remain mindful of health and safety concerns by warning residents of potential mold-related hazards, attempting to avoid disturbing impacted areas before appropriate containment measures have been taken, and limiting everyone’s overall exposure to the mold present
  • Next, remediators document interior conditions like the extent of the damage, the amount of moisture saturation, and the specific parts of the residence impacted
  • Then, cleanup and mitigation crews work to prevent mold from becoming airborne, contain fungi-impacted areas, and ultimately prevent the further spread of contamination to other parts of the home
  • At the same time, hopelessly mold-fouled items are removed, soiled surfaces are damp-wiped with detergents, and excessive fungal spores are vacuumed into HEPA filters 
  • Also, during this entire process, the original issue fostering mold growth is located, resolved, and then interior moisture readings are reduced to levels below those favorable to the fungi

Considering all of this, remember SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner if you ever need mold remediation work done. We are ready to assist you at (919) 615-1179 whenever you need our services.

Which Restoration Firm Performs Efficient Water Mitigation in Raleigh Homes?

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

water spewing from a pipe Water damage quickly spreads. SERVPRO is always available to restore your home.

SERVPRO Can Perform Water Mitigation in Your Raleigh Home Effectively

Water leaks in a home are always unpleasant to discover. They can disrupt your daily lifestyle, creating uncertainty and stress. Your next decision determines how extensive the damage spreads.

You should contact SERVPRO restorers as soon as possible to perform water mitigation in your Raleigh property. Since we understand how quickly water damage can spread, we respond as promptly as possible. Water mitigation is the process of preventing further water damage. It is the initial step in the water damage restoration process, which brings buildings back to their original condition. SERVPRO’s mitigation process ensures that your family is in a healthy environment and your property is free from water damage. It involves: 

  • Water damage inspection
  • Water removal
  • Removing ruined contents
  • Drying

SERVPRO uses the most sophisticated technology, tools, and authorized products to speed up mitigation. We use portable extractors to remove water from floors and clean carpets and upholstery. With portable extractors, our technicians can access even the restricted areas of your property.

We also use evaporation and dehumidification to remove moisture from the building materials during the drying process. Our SERVPRO technicians can use desiccant dehumidifiers to dry your home. Desiccants, chemicals used in desiccant dehumidifiers, work by pulling moisture from the air. The desiccants have a high affinity for water, and they absorb moisture from the air that the dehumidifier processes. Heated air is then passed across the desiccant material, causing it to release the water it contains. Finally, the moisture-laden air is vented out of the building. Desiccant dehumidifiers are beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • The equipment performs effectively in drier and colder conditions where refrigerant dehumidifiers do not.
  • They produce the driest air, generating air with the least vapor pressure.
  • They operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and remove moisture from the air where the humidity ratio is as low as 15 gpp.

Do not allow water damage to jeopardize the comfort of your home. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner (919) 615-1179 for effective water mitigation services. “We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.”

Is Mold Remediation in Raleigh a Do-it-Yourself Activity?

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Graphic If your property is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Provides Professional Mold Damage Remediation Services in Raleigh

Mold damage is as prevalent in Raleigh as it is in other cities, and just as one would expect, mold remediation is occasionally necessary. Some homeowners may attempt to eliminate mold growth on their own. Still, only a team of experts with the required training and knowledge can help protect your home from the current mold infestation and future growth. Understanding how it spreads and eliminating its source is the first step in making mold a thing of the past.

In Raleigh, mold damage remediation is possible thanks to SERVPRO and our certified staff. As soon as you suspect mold in your home thanks to discoloration on the walls, a musty smell, or visible evidence of its existence, call our 24/7 hotline and let us take charge. Our team arrives with the latest equipment capable of detecting the source of excess humidity that creates a suitable environment for mold to spread. Thanks to the latest techniques in mold damage restoration, we can restore moisture to optimal levels by addressing the needs of each surface in your home and reviewing pipes, window seals, and insulation.

Our expert staff often hears how our clients have attempted to handle the mold restoration process independently. Some common misconceptions regarding mold include the following-

  • A little mold is okay- mold can pose a health threat to you and your family, so removing it is very important.
  • Bleach kills all mold- bleach is effective in combating mold but not sufficient. Our team uses EPA-approved cleaning solutions targeted at each surface in your home. We pre-treat each item to avoid further damage.
  • Wiping down mold is enough-our staff will wipe down each surface, but we can soda blast surfaces and employ more involved techniques to remove mold from your home fully

Mold remediation is not the time to try your hand at DIY projects. Call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner at (919) 615-1179 and take control of the mold in your home.

How Does Raleigh Home Fire Restoration Remove Odors?

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

Chair on fire SERVPRO is always ready and available to assist with fire mishaps around the clock. Don't wait, Just Call (919) 615-1179.

SERVPRO Fire Restoration Odor Control Thoroughly Mitigates Raleigh Fire Malodors

One of the most pervasive elements of fire damage is not the stains left behind by burnt soils or soot, but the odors imparted by burnt particles. These malodors can seep into porous surfaces, finishes, HVAC systems, and other areas of the home and quickly spread without professional-grade mitigation services.

SERVPRO professionals render Raleigh fire restoration services performed by highly-trained and well-educated technicians. Staff and franchise owners also receive education about fire damage cleanup and related disciplines that can impact fire mitigation, like water cleanup after fire suppression.

How SERVPRO Training Prepares Techs for Odor Control and More

SERVPRO’s training process for technicians, franchise owners, staff, and professionals from related industries includes the following:

  • Technicians benefit from crew training that adheres to Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards
  • Team members can further their knowledge with self-paced e-Learning modules about fire damage cleanup, upholstery cleaning, water damage mitigation, and mold remediation
  • Franchise owners receive a 15-day, hands-on crash course in disaster cleanup at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility
  • Insurance adjusters, real estate professionals, and SERVPRO staff alike can attend credit and noncredit courses and seminars about such topics as Fire Damage Restoration, Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry, and Restorative Drying for Loss Control

SERVPRO’s commitment to comprehensive education offerings allows staff to earn additional certifications that can further benefit homeowners in need of such services as fire damage odor control or mold remediation.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner serves the community with service that shows We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call (919) 615-1179 for rapid-response service from an IICRC-accredited firm.

What Makes Professional Raleigh Mold Remediation Effective?

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on walls Mold can be a serious issue in your home. Don't let mold take over. Call SERVPRO for help today.

Raleigh Mold Remediation Technicians at SERVPRO Use Sophisticated Technologies to Control Microbes

Mold can have many other impacts on top of the potential for health effects. As microbes eat away at drywall, wall studs, subfloor, carpet, and other structural materials, these items gradually lose structural integrity and can become increasingly costly to remediate


SERVPRO answers Raleigh homeowners’ mold remediation concerns with fast-acting cleanup that aims to be restoration-focused and cost-effective. In many cases, mold-affected materials can be salvaged without the need for the complete replacement of items or structural elements. Technicians can achieve this with the help of commercial-grade biocides and other cleanup modalities.

Advanced SERVPRO Restoration Technologies Can Remediate Microbial Growth

SERVPRO professionals’ training works in tandem with tried-and-true methods and the latest restoration technologies to provide effective sanitation and mold control. While all buildings and outdoor spaces contain some small amount of mold, problems arise when mold populations proliferate unhindered.

SERVPRO can address these problems with such tools as:

  • HEPA-filter vacuums and air scrubbers, which perform such tasks as cleaning dried mold spores and debris and establishing negative air pressure in contained spaces, respectively
  • Hydroxyl generators, which use ultraviolet light to remove odor-causing particles from porous materials like drapes and clothing
  • Thermal imaging cameras that can identify the potential location of mold clusters behind walls, under floors, and in ceilings via temperature changes consistent with elevated moisture
  • Fogging technologies that can dispense water- or solvent-based deodorizers to address mold and moisture-related malodors at the particle level

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner can be reached at (919) 615-1179 to leave disaster-affected properties looking “Like it never even happened.”

Raleigh Homeowners – Hiring Personnel Experienced in Fire Damage Cleanup Counts

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Fire damage distressing. Call SERVPRO for effective fire damage restoration.

Save Time, Money, and Headaches on Fire Damage Cleanup by Having SERVPRO Restore Your Raleigh Property

House fire cleanup might be the last thing any Raleigh homeowner expects to experience. However, fires happen unexpectedly, and it is how you deal with the fallout that counts. DIY methods are time-consuming and often ineffective, but you run the risk of making the damage worse. SERVPRO has skilled technicians ready to deploy within hours of your call so that we can make a lot of the stress and worry go away. We always work quickly and efficiently to handle all charred debris, foul smoke, and soot odors, and structural drying to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Why call professionals for fire damage cleanup in Raleigh? Something that sets us apart at SERVPRO is that our crew goes through continual training to stay up on the latest trends in the fire restoration industry. We work hard to get you the results you deserve. During any given project, restoration team objectives will include:

  • Making sure that smoke and soot residue does not have the chance to cause corrosion and secondary damage
  • Making sure that all of our crew and anyone else coming and going is safe
  • Making sure that the worksite gets prepared, including containment barriers that limit tracking of contamination and debris

Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) know that each project is unique, so we work accordingly and adjust our methods and equipment as we go. From the beginning of the assessment and any tarping and board-up services you need, all the way through to controlled demolition and the finishing touches, we have you covered!

Are you worried about fire damage cleanup on your property? Call (919) 615-1179 to have the team at SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner take care of it for you!

Should Raleigh Homeowners Test for Mold?

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

corner of walls with mold growing SERVPRO follows IICRC standards to remediate mold damage, as shown on these walls, in your Raleigh home. Get it done right.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation in Raleigh Without Testing

Many homeowners wonder if they need to test for mold in their homes. Honestly, there is generally no need for mold testing. If you see mold, you have a problem. Black mold is not any different when it comes to removal, so there is no need to test for the kind of mold growing.

How Expensive is Mold Removal?

If you need mold remediation in your Raleigh home, the price varies depending on the size of the job. At SERVPRO, we never over inflate the cost or the work that needs to be done. Our crew is IICRC certified in mold remediation (AMRT) and provides an honest assessment of the cost needed to take care of your problem.

What Homeowners Should Look for in a Mold Removal Company

When looking for a professional company that provides mold remediation, you should expect the following:

  • Proper PPE – professionals do not slack on safety, we don personal protective equipment
  • Containment – the work area should be sealed off for larger jobs with poly sheeting
  • Professional Equipment – HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers, commercial drying equipment, etc.
  • Air Cleaned – HEPA air scrubbers should be used during and after the mold is physically removed.
  • Antimicrobials – used to clean and disinfect impacted areas

If you have attic mold, basement mold, or growth in any other area of your home, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner. We are mold specialists and can provide black mold damage repairs. Our number is (919) 615-1179.

Looking For Speedy Water Extraction from Your Raleigh Home?

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

a woman holding a pot to catch water falling from her ceiling Have excess water? Team SERVPRO has the equipment and trained technicians to handle the water damage extraction and remediation task.

SERVPRO Calculates the Equipment Needed To Expedite Water Clean Up In Raleigh Properties

Although it might not seem so, a water intrusion incident such as a burst pipe releases a finite amount of water into the property. After stopping the source, there is a need to extract any pooling water and dry wet materials to eliminate the entire water. Expediting water extraction means having enough resources to perform the removal and drying processes.

It is difficult to know what resources you need for water extraction in your Raleigh home unless you know how much water was released into the property. SERVPRO can make such estimations by making various calculations. Our technicians are highly trained, and we also have significant experience handling various situations, including:

  • Emergency services water damage 
  • Water damage remediation 
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks 

Before starting water extraction, our SERVPRO technicians can determine the number or size of pumps needed to remove pooling water. We calculate the gallons of water by getting the cubic feet of the area covered in water and multiplying it with the depth of the standing water. Since the extraction equipment has a Gallon per Hour rating, we can choose those with a higher capacity. We make other calculations, including the air movers and dehumidifiers needed for drying.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner has all the resources you need for water extraction. Call us at (919) 615-1179.

Mold Damage Remediation in Raleigh

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls in the corner of a room Tell-tale signs of mold? Contact SERVPRO to investigate the infestation and remediate the mold damage in your home.

Why Should Mold Damage Remediation Action Begin in Less than 48 Hours?

Many clients wonder why they need to address water leaks so quickly. They may have stopped the leak, and although they have mopped up the majority of the water, the carpets, walls, and interior cavities may still be wet. Can’t these materials dry on their own?

SERVPRO has seen many situations in Raleigh needing mold damage remediation. The clients have waited for 48 hours or even longer, only to discover mold colonies are increasing and spreading to all of the areas that are still damp.

Mold spores are everywhere, and they are only waiting for the right conditions to begin growing and establish a colony. Homeowners can always find these conditions in a building after a water leak. They are:

  • Food source – anything organic, such as wood, drywall, fibers, dirt, and even some insulating materials.
  • Temperature – we tend to keep our indoor building temperatures at the ideal levels for mold growth – 68F – to 85F
  • Moisture – add moisture from a water leak that is not dried correctly, and you have the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

SERVPRO technicians are keen to remove moisture as quickly as possible after a water leak to minimize the mold damage remediation your home or business will need.

Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner for mold damage remediation services in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 615-1179.

Enjoy Wine, Chocolate, And A Christmas Movie In Raleigh

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a clapperboard with a Santa hat on it It will be exciting to see the community enjoying the outdoor festivities!

Raleigh Residents Can Relax and Relish the Holidays

Raleigh residents should grab their warmest, favorite blanket, comfy outdoor chairs for the fam, and come out to enjoy a fun Christmas-themed movie along with some wine and chocolate. This event continues every Friday and Saturday until January 3, 2021. The screening gets held outdoors, and the movie night may be rescheduled if the weather is bad. The Chocolate Boutique has a large selection of snacks to purchase. Due to current health regulations for events, there is a limited number of spaces available for seating. We recommend participants make reservations to hold their spot. Kids under 18 are welcome to attend but must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Date: December 4th and 5th, 2020
  • Time: 6 PM
  • Enjoy locally crafted ice cream and chocolate
  • Outdoor seating with social distancing guidelines observed

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 serves the local community with any size or type of water extraction services needed and with their professional restoration services, make the damage to the property "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Supports The Local Raleigh Area With Fire Restoration Services

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smoke billowing from the windows of a house Odor can linger long after fire damage is remediated. Contact our team for effective odor remediation techniques after a fire.

Fire Damage Needs Fast Action For The Best Outcome In Raleigh Properties

The City of Raleigh has a long history. It was initially founded in 1792 and named after the famous English explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh. There were so many oak trees in the area that an early nickname was "The City of Oaks." A host of famous folks hale from this city such as: 

  • Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic figure skater
  • Cliff Bleszinski, the lead designer of the popular Xbox 360 game Gears of War
  • Michael C. Hall, an actor that appeared in Dexter and Six Feet Under
  • Andrew Johnson 17th President of the United States

Climate in Raleigh

Like other states in the Southern part of the United States, Raleigh's overall climate is humid and subtropical. It has mild winters around the 41-degrees Fahrenheit and yearly, fewer than 70 days on average that drop below freezing. Light snow occurs most winters, with the moderate accumulations overall being five inches. Summers are generally hot and humid, with an average temperature of 80-degrees peaking in July. Heavy storms are not uncommon; however, the incidence of hurricanes and tropical storms is rare, with only 44 hurricanes impacting the area since 1930.

Best Places to Visit in Raleigh

The best times to visit Raleigh are June through August, and there are many excellent destinations. One of the top tourist draws for the city is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This natural history museum has rotating exhibitions that include dinosaurs, skeletons of whales, live animals, and hands-on learning for visitors. The North Carolina Museum of Art is another popular place. This venue is one of the premier art museums in the American South. After undergoing a three-year expansion, the museum reopened as one of the top museums nationwide. The building houses a permanent collection with a collective 5,000 years of history. Attendees can enjoy the exhibitions inside or take in a live show at the amphitheater. There is a park outside the facility with trails to enjoy outdoor collections of art.

Shoppers and foodies can enjoy The State Farmers' Market. The market is open seven days a week and attracts food connoisseurs and people who enjoy local produce. There is always a large selection of vendors to purchase from, including local honey, baked goods, and much more. The market opens at 5 AM and closes at 6 PM.

Strong Economy in Raleigh

Raleigh has a diverse economy that includes financial institutions, electrical and telecommunications industry equipment, clothing, paper products, and pharmaceuticals. The city is one corner of North Carolina's Research Triangle. This is one of the United States' most expansive and thriving research parks for tech and biotech-based research. Forbes has listed this area as one of the best places to grow a business or a career. Some of the top companies based here include: 

  • Capitol Broadcasting Company
  • Carquest
  • First-Citizens BancShares
  • Golden Corral
  • Waste Industries

Raleigh Has Different Regions

The Raleigh area has several geographic regions. Downtown is home to many historic buildings, including the renowned Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel, the City Market, which got restored, and the business district that includes the PNC Plaza, one of the largest buildings in the city. There are also some schools in this area, including: 

  • Shaw University
  • Campbell University School of Law
  • St. Augustine's College

Midtown Raleigh is both a residential and commercial area in the north part of the city.  East and West Raleigh have suburban development with several subdivisions within the East, and West Raleigh has many schools much like Downtown: 

  • North Carolina State University
  • Meredith College
  • Historic Saint Mary's School

North Raleigh is a continually growing area that has older, established homes along with newly built subdivisions. South Raleigh is known as the least developed area in the city as regulations limit housing densities and building permits need to meet specific requirements.

Raleigh Fire Department 

In the early days of the city of Raleigh, a volunteer fire department supported the ever-growing community.  1912 saw the establishment of the first municipal fire department. At present, there are a total of 15 stations with emergency first responders serving the local area with the needed equipment to fight both large and small-scale fires in local properties.

Would a Small Kitchen Fire Need Fire Restoration Help in Raleigh?

When it comes to local fire restoration needs, many Raleigh residents make a common mistake in terms of post-fire actions: attempting to clean up the charring and smoke damage on their own. It is best to bring in a professional, certified team for the process.

Avoiding the Spread of Soot in the Home

A small fire that produced little in the way of damage in your home, particularly true of kitchen blazes, can cause widespread fire odors in the house through the spread of soot via the HVAC system or foot traffic in the area. The reason that kitchen fires should always get professional cleanup include:

  • Protein fire residues are nearly invisible and coat surfaces
  • The pungent odor can spread if not removed
  • Water or flame retardant used to extinguish the fire can seep under tile or cabinets and need extraction and drying

The techs often use containment that covers doorways and vents to inhibit the spread of soot. If needed, after the mitigation on the structure completes, the techs can inspect and clean the home's ductwork if required with their specialized equipment.

Odor control is a large part of the fire cleanup process and in cases where removal of ruined items and cleaning surfaces is not enough. The techs can bring in devices such as hydroxyl generators or thermal foggers to eliminate any residual smoke odors. 

Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 when you need fire restoration for your property or contents. The certified techs are available when you need them 24/7 and arrive rapidly to make the fire damage a thing of the past, "Like it never even happened."

Take a Ride in Raleigh at the North Carolina Railway Museum

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SERVPRO car in front of a business building SERVPRO is looking forward to the morning train ride in Raleigh!

Enjoy Family Fun on a Friday Morning Train Ride in Raleigh

On Friday, November 20th at 10:30 AM, the North Carolina Railway Museum and New Hope Valley Railway offers a train ride through the woods of New Hill. During the ride, guests enjoy riding in a steam locomotive and viewing the beautiful scenery.

While at the museum, guests can check out the heritage equipment dating back to the 1920s. The museum also has a fully functional garden railroad (G Scale) for you to view. A train ride is a perfect fall activity for families, children, and railroad enthusiasts.

Here are some details about the ride:

  • Train rides last for one hour.
  • Face coverings are required for both guests and volunteers.
  • Tickets range from $6-$10. 
  • Guests may bring food and beverages onboard.

If you need reliable Flood Cleanup in Raleigh, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179. We perform home restoration for disasters, both big and small.

What Can I Expect from Restoration Services in my Raleigh Home?

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Images cartoons of hurricane, fire, storm Raleigh Home and Business Owners Are Best Serviced by Calling SERVPRO for Water, Fire, Mold, Flooding, and Cleaning Help. We Beat the Elements!

No two disasters are the same, but our qualified professionals can help to overcome damaging effects with premier equipment, expertise, and fast response.

These days, restoration services involved much more than just cleaning up after a disaster strikes your Raleigh home or business. As a leading team in North Carolina, we have practical solutions for mitigation, restoration, reconstruction, and content management, including an active inventory of damaged goods. As a locally owned and operated facility, we care about the communities we serve and the people we can help through our experience and industry-leading equipment.


There is no mistaking how common water loss incidents can be for Raleigh homes and commercial properties, especially when you consider the frequency of emergencies like broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, clogged air conditioning condensers, or other unexpected situations that could arise. Preparedness for these situations is critical, and it allows our experienced professionals the opportunity to arrive within hours of the first notice of loss. Mitigation that begins quickly can effectively reduce costs and losses.

Repairs and Mitigation Solutions

Mitigation alone is one of the most effective practices that our SERVPRO team can begin for Garner and Zebulon homes. This phase of our recovery focuses exclusively on reducing the severity of loss through immediate actions such as water removal, surface cleaning, debris removal, and controlled demolition. The blending of general contracting with restoration services is made more efficient by our full roster of building trade professionals on staff.

How Can My Home Get Dry?

As with all water loss situations, we must focus most on the solutions necessary to dry your Raleigh property thoroughly. Often this begins with identifying the migration of water throughout the house, and this is usually completed with surface moisture meters, probing moisture detectors, and thermal imagery. Identifying damp pockets can help our responding technicians better place drying equipment such as: 

  • Air Movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drying Mats
  • Positive Pressure Systems 


The positioning of our state leaves much of the greater Raleigh area, including areas like Knightdale and Garner, vulnerable to powerful storm systems passing through the region. Hurricanes can be among the worst of these conditions, but tropical storms, windstorms, and even torrential rain can also be destructive under the right circumstances. How our team responds to these emergencies can make the difference in the overall damage that your property experiences.

Construction Solutions and Repairs

Though flooding can often be a concern with your Raleigh home or business's structural breaches, much of this threat cannot be addressed until vulnerabilities in the structure have been resolved. Emergency services often get conducted by our general contractors, primarily because these efforts often hinge on sealing up openings created by storm losses or other compromising conditions. Some of the immediate construction solutions that we can implement upon arrival include:

  • Roof Tarping
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Tree Removal
  • Board Up 

Water Removal After Flooding

With the primary structural concerns addressed, we can turn our attention to standing water and other flood effects spreading throughout the property. The best methods of protecting your Raleigh home or business rely most on our effective extraction solutions to eliminate standing water concerns. While many tools can be used in this effort, we often rely most on submersible pumps, wet vacuums, trash pumps, and other water removal tools.


We pay close attention to the fire damaging events in Raleigh and the surrounding areas that we also serve for active emergencies. Because of our status as a preferred vendor with many local and major insurance providers, our knowledge of current fire loss situations and progress can help us mobilize our technicians and equipment more efficiently even before we have been notified. Because fire losses are a common threat to area properties, we keep our technicians and equipment readily available to roll out fast in emergencies.

Debris Removal and Content Management

We can offer many emergency services, but debris removal and content management are among the most important. Remnants of burned construction materials and partially combusted contents can make conditions like odors, smoke, soot, and other threats more concentrated. Content management focuses on protecting your personal belongings that have become exposed to fire loss effects. Our pack-out process moves your possessions to our nearby facility for inspection and recovery. Some of the actions taken with your items in our care include:

  • Focused Surface Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Drying
  • Safe Storage

How Can My Home Get Cleaned After a Fire Loss?

Between surface cleaning for oily residues and other coatings on the walls and floors of your Raleigh home to air quality control for circulating contaminants and soot particles, cleaning your home is one of the most critical efforts that our fire restoration technicians can undertake after an emergency. We have multiple potent cleaning products, practices, and equipment to make this phase efficient and effective.


In our region, many businesses become victims of water losses, fire losses, and mold growth. As challenging as any of these individual losses might be, and efficient and fast response amid the crisis can help keep your doors open. It is estimated that nearly half of business is damaged from disasters never reopen. Because there are so many quality commercial properties here in Raleigh, we strive to meet our customers' priorities and demands to keep their business going, however we can.

What is a Large Loss Recovery Team?

Because many of the commercial properties throughout Raleigh and Garner are several thousand square feet in size, a single team is often not enough to overcome the substantial loss incident we encounter. As a large loss recovery team, we pool our resources with other sister franchises in our network to ensure that we have the necessary personnel, equipment, and experience to address even the most considerable loss incidents that our area can endure.

Safe and Sanitary Environments in Your Business

Premier cleaning services can mean both the restoration and renewal of your Raleigh business as needed. More recently, it has filled a necessary void in safe and sanitary operations for your facility. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is our defensive cleaning program designed to showcase the top products, practices, and equipment to create an ongoing safe environment for your staff and customers.

Disasters can strike anytime, so you need a team that can respond quickly in an emergency. Call our SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner team today at (919) 615-1179.

What is the Best Way to Handle Smoke and Fire Damage Odors in Raleigh?

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Close-up shot of fire Call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 when you need us to address fire damage, smoke, and odors within your home.

Hiring Trained Technicians Ensures Your Raleigh Interior is Free of Fire Damage, Odors, and Smoke

A house fire is one of the worst incidents you could experience. You may ask yourself how to proceed and whether or not you can restore your Raleigh home to preloss condition. We want you to know that SERVPRO is there when you need us with a Green Fleet stocked up with the latest tools and products to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Why Should I Call Professionals to Handle the Fire Damage?

Several factors determine the manner that smoke affects your interior after a fire. The way that SERVPRO approaches fire damage, odors, and smoke in your Raleigh home include:

•    The size of the blaze – A bigger fire will put out more smoke, meaning that the odors left behind will be more intense and pervasive.
•    The length of exposure – The longer your interior is exposed to smoke and soot particles, the deeper the odorous elements embed themselves into your building materials and belongings. When left too long, the acidity of the smoke residue becomes corrosive.
•    The types of materials burned – When various materials burn, they will emit different odors. Some of these soot residues are easier to remove, yet others are difficult to clean without the right products and methods.

SERVPRO removes area rugs, window treatments, blankets, pillows, and other materials for proper cleaning. All windows get washed along with window shades and any affected screens. Every solid surface is also wiped down while using dry or wet cleaning methods depending on the type of residue present. Our technicians will spot test various areas to determine the right way to proceed to preserve as many of your interior belongings and materials possible.

Call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 when you need us to address fire damage, smoke, and odors within your home. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and available for emergency services 24/7!

Is Hiring a Fire Damage Cleanup Company Always Needed for my Raleigh Home?

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fire damaged foyer Smoke and soot travel beyond the fire. SERVPRO can remediate the damage and make it, "Like it never even happened."

Training and Experience Is Why SERVPRO Calls a Halt to Fire Damage that Continues to Deteriorate Raleigh Homes and Contents 

Raleigh homeowners who quickly douse a fire caused by a candle too near a curtain or mischievous children with matches often believe they have dodged a significant crisis. Your home is not in ashes, so no harm, correct? Unfortunately, the smoke and soot created by even a brief fire can infiltrate all spaces in your residence, perhaps not immediately noticeable, but making itself known later with persistent odors and discolored surfaces. 

Should I Get a Small Fire Checked Out? 

Something as innocuous as an operating HVAC system can spread smoke and soot far from the fire ignition site in Raleigh. The residues created during combustion are chemically different from the fuel, toxic and corrosive, capable of eroding porous materials like drywall, tarnishing metals, and sending odor-bearing particles to every corner and crevice. Soot, the incompletely combusted materials burned, is the carrier of malodors, but it is a mist of tiny bits nearly impossible for a non-professional to eradicate. 

Will Asking for an Assessment Result in Unnecessary Expense and Disruption? 

Find a fire damage recovery company that clearly communicates, acts with integrity, and works with your insurance company. Follow this advice, and you realize why SERVPRO is the answer. We live and work in this community and strive to deliver exemplary fire damage recovery results determined by the circumstances of each scenario. Expect us to assess accurately and to offer a practical plan for eradicating residues and odors. Many companies claim no job is beyond their capabilities nor too insignificant for their attention. We mean what we say. Our goal is to make it “Like it never even happened” for every customer. 

When you must place your trust with experts in the fire damage mitigation and remediation field, call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner. Contact us at (919) 615-1179 to set up a post-fire assessment to limit long term harm. 

More about Raleigh.

We are Cleaning Experts

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hand in orange rubber glove holding spray bottle spraying wall with cleaner We can help you take preventative measures immediately!

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, We are here for you!

4 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage From Affecting Your Business

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During a storm in Raleigh, North Carolina, water can have a significant impact on your building.

Whether it is in the form of storm or flood damage, water can ruin building materials, damage belongings and contribute to the growth of mold.

In order to keep this to a minimum, the following steps can be taken.

1. Seal Doors and Windows
If the area around your doors and windows is not sealing properly, then it will be easier for water to enter the building. Make sure that these are closing as they should be. You may also want to use sandbags at these openings. This can help keep flood water on the outside.

2. Move Objects to a Higher Floor
Because the water involved is highly contaminated, flood damage can be more severe than other types of damage. It can be difficult to clean furniture and other items that have absorbed this water. To prevent objects from being affected, you can move them to a higher floor that is less likely to experience flooding.

3. Back Up Important Files
Most businesses keep important information stored on their computers and other electronic devices. These can be damaged by water or electrical surges during a storm which can lead to loss of data. Use cloud storage or an external drive to make backups of files and keep your information safe.

4. Repair Present Damage
If your building has existing damage, it is more likely to be affected by storm damage. Perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior to locate any leaky or deteriorated areas. These should be repaired as soon as possible before any severe weather occurs.

Preparing your business for bad weather can help to reduce the amount of storm and flood damage that occurs. However, your building may still be affected. In this case, it is best to hire a professional cleanup and restoration service. Because they have training and access to necessary equipment, they will be able to make repairs quickly and safely.

FAQ About Mold

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Mold spores exist around us virtually everywhere and are essentially harmless

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Almost everyone has seen mold at some point in their lives. Mold is often seen on bread; however, it’s also common to find mold underneath and behind wet areas such as sinks, refrigerators and air conditioning units. Mold thrives on moisture which is why it’s common to see active mold growth near sources of water. Here are some additional answers to frequently asked questions about mold.

How Can I Control Mold?

Individuals often feel helpless when they find mold in their Eagle Rock, NC, home. Fortunately, mold can be controlled in your home with the following tips:

Decrease the humidity in your home to below 60%. You can use an instrument, called a hygrometer, to measure if you have high humidity.
Dry wet areas immediately or at least within 24-48 hours.
Fix leaks around windows and doors.
Add insulation to exterior walls and windows to reduce condensation.
Have a professional check your heating and cooling system. Your system should be properly sized and maintained in order to remove moisture from the air.

What is Mold?

Mold is classified as a fungus because it’s main source of energy doesn’t come from the sun. Mold growth begins when fungi, such as mold and mushrooms, feed off of nutrients from other sources. Mold spores exist around us virtually everywhere and are essentially harmless. Unfortunately, when mold spores attach to a wet spot they can grow into dangerous levels and cause water damage.

When Should I Consult a Professional?

It can be tempting to feel like you can take care of mold on your own; however, mold remediation specialists have the training and equipment necessary to properly restore your home to safe conditions. If you find any signs of mold in your home, contact a specialist. They have the proper knowledge and tools to safely contain, filter, remove and clean the mold in your home.
Understanding what mold growth is and how you can prevent it is important. Remediation and restoration are possible with the help of a mold remediation specialist.

5 Locations Mold Can Grow in Your Home

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Attics are another area where mold growth may be found

5 Locations Mold Can Grow in Your Home

Discovering mold damage in your Shotwell, NC, home can feel overwhelming. Especially if you're not entirely sure where the problem may be located. Here are five locations that many local mold remediation professionals recommend looking for the problem.

1. Basements

The basement can be one of the most common places to find mold as they are often dark and somewhat damp. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to protect your basement from these problems, such as the installation of a sump pump.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen area can also be a location where mold or mildew growth can be found. If you believe there may be an issue in your kitchen it's best to check areas such as under the sink, or behind a refrigeration unit first as both of these may be areas of potential water damage.

3. Bathrooms

Because bathrooms are often areas of high humidity it's not uncommon to find mold damage in these locations. One mitigation step you can take is to run a fan anytime you take a bath or shower to help cut down on humidity levels.

4. Attics

Attics are another area where mold growth may be found, as a leak in the roof can lead to the creation of damp areas. This is why it's important to deal with any roof damage as soon as it occurs.

5. Ventilation

Mold can also find its way into ventilation units such as the air conditioners. If you believe this may be the case a professional can perform a test to confirm. The ventilation unit will then needs to be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.
In many cases mold damage, can be found in dark areas of high humidity such as basements, attics, kitchens, bathrooms, and even in ventilation. Fortunately, mold remediation professionals have the tools and experience needed to deal with such problems. If you have any questions these professionals may be able to help.

How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Building

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Fix plumbing leaks quickly

How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Building

A mold infestation can shut down your commercial building and lead to expensive damage and lost profits. Mold can appear in a variety of locations throughout your property, including:

  • Carpet
  • Electrical equipment
  • Air ducts
  • Paper
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cavity walls

However, there are mold prevention techniques you can use. Since mold thrives in moist conditions, limiting water damage to your building is the key to reducing mold growth.

Stop Water Leaks

Water leaks are a common source of mold. You should regularly check your building for excess water. Pay especially close attention to the roof and HVAC system. Any identified leaks should be dealt with immediately to prevent the mold from spreading.

Any items that have been damaged by water leaks need to be cleaned and dried immediately. Some wet items, including ceiling tiles, may have to be replaced entirely. Carpets that have been wet for more than 48 hours should also be discarded.

Reduce Condensation and Humidity

Mold prevention does not just involve water leaks. That’s because humidity and condensation can also cause mold to spread.
Condensation is particularly common in the corners of rooms, where air circulation is inadequate. You should thus make sure that any furniture or large objects are arranged to maximize airflow throughout the room. You should also frequently check wall corners for condensation and remove it as soon as possible.
If your office still uses paper, make sure to store it in an area with temperature controls and low humidity. Avoid placing boxes of paper in moist areas such as basements. Any paper that has gotten wet may need to be thrown away or restored.
Even if you do follow these mold prevention tips, a sudden storm can still cause a fungal infestation. If you do see mold in your Shotwell, NC, building, contact a professional to assess and fix the damage. Mold remediation experts can quickly remove excess spores and clean contaminated equipment.

4 Steps To Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Every bathroom should have an exhaust fan to eliminate the humidity problem

Four Steps to Limit the Impact of Mold

Bathrooms are warm, moist and offer plenty of food for hungry mold and mildew. Total elimination of bathroom mildew is almost impossible. However, you can limit its impact by following four simple steps.

1. Dry the Tub, Shower Enclosure or Sink After Use.

Drying may sound inconvenient, but nobody ever said that mold prevention is easy. An inexpensive squeegee is perfect for this. A quick sweep sends the water from tub or shower enclosure down the drain. The same applies to shower doors and curtains. This procedure will eliminate most of the moisture from the bathroom. After using the sink, wipe it dry. Dry and put away the squeegee and put all wet towels to the laundry.

2. Clean Carpets and Other Cloth Items Regularly.

The problem here is that these items spend much of the time wet. They are also an excellent food source for bathroom mildew. The colors and designs of these items make it impossible to tell how moldy they are. Even if they look clean, wash them regularly.

3. Vent the Humid Air to the Outdoors.

Every bathroom should have an exhaust fan to eliminate the humidity problem. On lower levels of the home, wall-mounted units work well. Ceiling units work well at the highest level of your home. Exhaust fans must vent the air to the outdoors. To save energy, it’s a good idea to connect an exhaust fan to a timer switch. Setting a timer eliminates the chance of a fan running all day.

4. Treat Bathroom Surfaces With a Mold-Resistant Cleaner.

When it comes to eating, mold is not very fussy. It likes to eat paint, tile grout and molding. It likes just about everything non-porcelain in your bathroom. Cleaning it with a mold-resistant cleaner will reduce the possibility of mold infestation. Regular cleaning with lemon juice or vinegar should do the same.
Bathroom mildew in your Knightdale, NC, area home shouldn’t be a problem if you keep up with it. If it gets out of hand, there are mold and mildew removal specialists nearby and waiting for your call.

3 Ways a Quick Disaster Response Improves the Restoration Process

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Ceiling damaged in a commercial facility by storm

3 Ways a Quick Disaster Response Improves the Restoration Process

When a storm, flood or fire damages a business in Lizard Lick, NC, a quick disaster response is often essential. The restoration process can be drastically improved if a restoration company that is Faster to Any Size Disaster is employed.

1. Gives a Positive Public Perception

Often, it’s important for business owners to show the consumers in their community that they care about their business. However, consumers may believe that a business isn’t well taken care of if the company is outwardly damaged and there are no signs of a quick response. Alternatively, employing a vendor that can quickly respond to a disaster can show the community that the wellbeing of the business is a priority for the managers and owners of the company.

2. Decreases the Cost of Claim

After a commercial property is affected by a disaster, business owners often make an insurance claim. Unfortunately, many business owners are surprised to find that primary damage to a building can result in secondary damage such as mold growth. Secondary damage can increase the cost of the claim. However, choosing to employ a restoration company that’s Faster to Any Size Disaster can reduce the cost of the claim by taking steps to prevent secondary damage.

3. Restoration Begins Quickly

Starting restoration quickly can save business owners and insurance companies time and money. Before any repairs can be made, however, a building must be assessed by professionals who can determine what type of damage has occurred. If a company can respond shortly after a disaster, an assessment can be made quickly, and repairs can begin before more damage occurs. The sooner restoration begins on a commercial property, the sooner a business can reopen its doors.

Hiring a restoration business that’s Faster to Any Size Disaster can make the restoration process easier. A company that can respond quickly to commercial property damage will give a positive perception to the public, decrease the cost of the insurance claim and can allow the restoration to begin quickly.

What To Do When You Notice Black Mold in Your Home

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Black mold damage in Auburn, NC

Things to Keep in Mind If You Notice Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold is a problem for many homeowners. It might be easier to ignore it and hope that the problem solves itself, but if you don’t take action to remove the black mold from your Auburn, NC home, then it will only get worse over time. Because of the way mold grows, it is not possible for it to go away on its own. Here are some things to keep in mind if you notice a growth in your home.

1. What Causes Mold
One way to treat mold is to consider the source of the growth. If you have mold in your home, there is likely an underlying moisture problem that needs to be addressed. Mold likes dark, moist spaces and that is where it grows most easily. If your home has suffered some kind of water damage, this can lead to a mold problem.

2. What Happens if You Don’t Treat It
It might be tempting to leave the mold alone and try not to concern yourself with it, but this is not a problem that can be solved without action. If the black mold is not treated, it will continue to spread and grow until it has caused severe damage to your home. It can enter walls, carpeting and flooring, causing discoloration and an unpleasant, musty odor.

3. How To Remove It
In order to be sure that the damaging mold is really gone from your home, it is best to hire a mold remediation service. They have the training, experience and equipment to perform a thorough mold cleanup. If you attempt to do this on your own, you can miss areas if you don’t know what to look for and may even inadvertently spread the mold to other parts of the house.
Because black mold can spread quickly, it is best to treat it as soon as you notice the signs. Don’t put it off, because that will only cause the damage to become worse.

How SERVPRO Makes the Insurance Process Easier

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Flood cuts to repair storm damage in Willow Spring, NC

In the event of a serious storm, flooding and other damage to your home can occur. In the most serious circumstances, you’ll need to hire the right company to provide storm restoration. SERVPRO is your top choice for a trusted, competent group of professionals. In addition, you need to work closely with your insurance company to make a claim and ensure that you don’t have to shoulder the financial burden of the disaster. SERVPRO will provide the support you need in this process as well.

Why Call the Professionals

After a major storm, even moderate flood damage requires immediate attention. SERVPRO should be your first choice when you have cleanup and repair needs in your Willow Spring, NC, home. Here’s why:

  • They have experience.
  • They have the skill.
  • They use the best equipment and employ industry-leading techniques.

Working Hand in Hand With the Insurance Company

After you get in touch with SERVPRO for storm response help, you’ll contact your insurance agent. The two professionals will exchange information to help ensure you get full coverage. SERVPRO is accustomed to partnering with insurance companies at the beginning of storm restoration all the way to the end. SERVPRO will respond quickly to your needs, which will in turn speed up the claims process so you don’t have to wonder and wait what type of service your agent will provide.

Peace of Mind

There’s a lot to worry about in the storm restoration process. Not only do you have concerns about what the company can repair and salvage, but you need the confidence that your insurance provider will cover damages and approve your claim in a timely manner. The team at SERVPRO will do its part and won’t bog down these important matters.

Storm restoration can be easier and faster when you get the right team on the job. SERVPRO also knows how to make things go smoothly with the insurance company.

How Long Before Mold Follows a Water Loss?

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Air scrubber to remove the contaminants in a Zebulon,NC commercial property

Mold may start to develop within just 24 to 48 hours after water damage. It is necessary to quickly mitigate primary damage to discourage mold growth. Here are several mold prevention methods for commercial structures that have recently suffered water losses.

Dry the Affected Area

Regardless of the source, the risk of mold rises sharply after any type of water loss. A building owner or facility manager should take immediate action to remove standing water. This may involve:

  • Using buckets, brooms, mops, towels, or wet vacs
  • Pumping out water
  • Running dehumidifiers

In the aftermath of a flood or severe leak, it is advisable to contact a mitigation and restoration service. These professionals have the expertise and equipment necessary to quickly remove water and limit primary and secondary damage.

Clean or Tear Out Damaged Contents and Materials

If the source of water damage is a sewage backup, or more than 48 hours have passed since the damage occurred, it may be necessary to tear out saturated materials. The following porous contents and materials pose a high risk of mold:

  • Carpeting
  • Drywall
  • Insulation

A restoration service can determine which materials are most likely to develop mold. Seek an expert opinion if you are unsure whether contents or materials should be cleaned and dried or torn out and replaced.

Monitor the Area For Mold

Mold may still form even after moisture has been removed. Restoration experts may recommend:

  • Ventilating the area
  • Lowering humidity levels
  • Waiting for the structure to dry

Do not attempt to rebuild or restore a structure until the affected area is completely dry. Keep an eye out for any signs of mold.

These methods may help to prevent mold growth following a flood or leak in a commercial structure in Zebulon, NC. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a water damage mitigation service that specializes in mold prevention.

Storm Preparation: Are You Ready for Flooding?

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Always keep your gutters clean

Three Ways to Prepare For A Storm

If your home floods in Raleigh, NC, it can not only pose a risk to your investment but put your beloved family in danger. Taking steps to prepare your loved ones and your home for a storm before one is even predicted can give you the greatest chance of increasing your safety and security, as well as help reduce your need for storm remediation services. Here are three ways that you can prepare for a storm that may involve flood water.

1. Create an Evacuation Plan

You may have to make a quick exit in the case of a severe storm, so make sure all of your family members understand what can be done to leave the flooded building as quickly as possible. Also, ensure they know where to seek shelter in such an emergency. Practice this plan on a frequent basis to confirm that everyone has the plan fully memorized.

2. Gather Essential Supplies

Some important necessities that you may want easy access to in a storm include prescription medications, critical pet supplies, medical information, and electronic supplies such as a cell phone charger. Gather these items in advance and keep them somewhere that is both accessible and easy to remember in a possible frantic flood water situation.

3. Clean House Gutters

There are ways to help secure your home against water damage. One of the best actions you can take may be cleaning your gutters. Another may be keeping your storm drains clear. Complete these activities on a regular basis to help keep your water drainage as efficient as possible.

During a storm, remember that you and your loved ones are always more important than belongings and property. Your items and buildings can typically be repaired or salvaged, which is why you should put yourself and your family members first. Remember the storm preparation tips above so you can be ready if you should ever find yourself facing a flood water disaster in Raleigh, NC.

Water Damage After a Fire: Why So Much and Where Does It Come From?

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Sprinkler are a typical cause of water damage in Garner,NC

Water Damage After a Fire

If a fire isn’t devastating enough, then the likely water destruction may push you over the edge. Most business owners have an idea of what fire damage looks like, picturing charred walls and broken equipment, but few understand the extent of the water cleanup necessary after a commercial fire. Sure, it’s easy to consider the harm from the sprinkler system, but that isn’t the only contributing factor.

1. Hoses and Extinguishers

Depending on the severity of the fire, hoses and extinguishers will likely be the most significant cause of water damage to your facility. While hoses are a prominent contributor, many owners are surprised that extinguishers are also a culprit. Though many canisters are filled with a foam concoction to snuff the flames, some contain compressed water.

2. Sprinklers and Burst Lines

Sprinklers are a typical cause of excess water, but the extreme heat of fires can cause pipes to deform and even burst to create the need for excessive water cleanup. Additionally, while this damage is usually located near the affected areas, it is possible for a sprinkler system to malfunction in other parts of the property.

3. Weather

As fire can lead to collapsed or mutilated roofs, it is necessary to protect your property from inclement weather. A lot of water problems can be avoided by implementing appropriate mitigation measures and covering all visible holes with boards and tarps.

There are emergency restoration solutions available in the Garner, NC, area, specializing in both fire cleanup and smoke cleanup. Many of these services are available 24/7 and offer immediate mitigation assistance to protect your property from any potential liability issues.

While fires are devastating and can lead to significant structural damage, don’t underestimate the necessity of thorough water cleanup. Hoses, extinguishers, plumbing and even weather all contribute to the buildup of excess water in your property and the need for timely mitigation.

How Can I Detect Mold in My Home?

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

white wall with black mold growing on it Specialists can educate you on what causes mold to flourish, and how to prevent another outbreak by pinpointing the source of your infestation.

Mold can be like cockroaches; if you see even one patch it can mean a larger infestation throughout your walls or through other areas of your home. Just getting rid of that one patch may not be enough, but how can you tell if you have even more mold throughout your Raleigh, NC, home?

Find an Indoor Environmental Specialist

If you’ve never heard of indoor environmental specialists, they’re certified professionals who can:

• Test for air quality
• Test for and identify mold infestations
• Identify the type of mold and its effects
• Pinpoint the location of hard-to-find mold outbreaks
• Recommend safety and remediation activities

When an indoor environmental specialist conducts a mold test, they’re often able to pick up sensitive information that wouldn’t otherwise be detectable by the naked eye or with over-the-counter mold tests.

Can an Indoor Environmental Specialist Get Rid of My Mold For Me?

Sometimes, though you can never truly be free of mold when the spores are constantly active in the air around you. You can only minimize and control its presence. Some indoor environmental specialists are certified for mold remediation, while others may refer you to additional professionals to devise and launch an effective remediation plan to rescue your home from mold. Either will be able to tell you the first steps to take to prepare your home for mold remediation.

Can an Indoor Environmental Specialist Help Me Prevent Mold?

Absolutely. Specialists can educate you on what causes mold to flourish, and how to prevent another outbreak by pinpointing the source of your infestation. Usually the cause is water leaks and water damage, providing the fuel mold needs to thrive on organic matter. A remediation and environmental specialist can talk to you about removing these sorts of problems from your home, and steps to take to prevent excess moisture in your environment from contaminating your home with fresh mold. For more information, visit