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Fire Restoration in Raleigh Homes Should Begin Quickly

5/7/2023 (Permalink)

Has your home suffered through a recent fire? Our SERVPRO technicians are standing by to start the remediation process. Call right away.

Trust SERVPRO for Fire Restoration in Raleigh Properties

Homeowners go through an emotionally wrenching experience when they watch their homes burn. Despite the trauma, acting quickly is crucial. Delays can lead to secondary destruction like rainwater entering the home or mold infestation, increasing repair costs.

You need to contact your insurer as soon as possible after the fire to report it and to see the steps it wants you to take next. These steps may include hiring a firm that offers fire restoration in Raleigh, protecting the home, and making an inventory of the destruction. SERVPRO specializes in assisting people to recover from disasters like fire damage. Our services include the following:

  • Assessing the destruction
  • Securing the home
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Cleaning 
  • Reconstruction

Assessing the destruction

Our SERVPRO technicians can inspect every room to assess smoke, fire, water, and soot damage.

Securing the home

Burning embers might have caused roof damage. The fire’s heat may also have caused the stucco to crack or the siding to melt. In that case, we can board up your home and place tarps on the roof to prevent damage from weather elements.

Water extraction and drying

Water extraction is essential for eliminating moisture from a house. A fire can ruin pipes, tanks, and connectors, leading to water intrusion into the home. Our SERVPRO technicians can remove the water using submersible pumps, deep extraction tools, light wands, and extraction units. We can use air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate the moisture from affected surfaces.


Cleaning a home to a preloss state means eliminating the effects of fire damage. Our SERVPRO crew can use different techniques to eradicate smoke residues from the exterior and interior surfaces of the property.


A fire can render parts of your home unsalvageable, making it necessary to remove and replace them. Reconstruction might include replacing carpeting and wallboard, wood floors, damaged roofing materials, and interior fixtures. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner understands the unique challenges linked to fire damage and provides high-quality services to restore homes to preloss state. Contact us for help at (919) 615-1179. 

What Is The Best Way To Remove Raleigh Fire Damage and Soot?

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

When your home is damaged by a fire, be sure to call our team of fire restoration experts.

SERVPRO Techs Have Certifications for Raleigh Fire Mitigation

After a fire disaster in a Raleigh property, the first action by a homeowner may be to start the housefire cleanup on their own. Everything flames contact during a fire either get consumed by fire or covered in soot or both. Because of the potential for permanent staining or damage from DIY smoke damage removal methods, outsourcing the fire mitigation service is the best option for property owners.

Raleigh fire damage restoration services should begin as soon as the fire department or other authority figure inspects the structural integrity of the residence and states the property is safe to enter. There are several challenges associated with smoke and fire damage cleanup, including:

  • Removal of soot
  • Air quality
  • Security
  • Water damage cleanup

Removal of Smoke Damage

Soot particles can be less than 1/4th the size of a grain of sand and may rest upon surfaces or be airborne. Due to this duality, it is difficult to remove the residues using a single method. SERVPRO technicians bring air quality improvement tools to capture and dispose of airborne particulates while removing soot from surfaces.

Handling Air Improvement

Post-fire, the air within the home has the pungent smell of smoke, and breathing the airborne particulates can irritate some people. SERVPRO techs set up containment when the worksite is limited to a single area within the residence. For large-scale house fire cleanup, they set up multiple air scrubbers or create negative air chambers to suction out the air within the home and exchange it with fresh air from outside at a more rapid pace.

Security Measures Can Affect Air Quality

During a fire damage mitigation service, it is not unusual for the technicians to put up security tape and use tactics such as boarding up windows or doors. These home areas frequently get broken while the firefighters put out the fire. However, when windows get boarded up, it diminishes the airflow and stops toxins, odors, and particulates from leaving through air exchange methods unless the negative air method is used.

Water Damage Often Comes With Fire Damage

The firefighters may use copious amounts of water to extinguish a house fire, and soot-laden water flows down and saturates carpets, seeps into the subflooring, and can wreck tiles. The techs use their moisture detection equipment to determine how widespread the migration of the water is and extract it quickly.

Special Concern During Fire Damage Cleanup: Electronics

Any electrical appliances or devices in the vicinity of the fire should be assumed to have smoke damage until cleaned and tested. Some homeowners mistake trying a machine and, seeing that it runs fine post-fire, believes all is well. However, the chemicals in soot are corrosive. Once they accumulate on circuit boards and other crucial areas within an appliance or device, they can act as conductors that disrupt the usual electrical impulses along the pathways and cause permanent damage so severely the article no longer functions. Delicate or expensive electronics can be farmed out for specialized cleaning and repair.

Professionally Cleaning Items

Removing soot from items before reuse is vital, particularly in plastic objects containing halogen. When exposed to high heat, halogen releases hydrochloric acid, a very caustic element. SERVPRO technicians have specific cleaning agents to render acidic substances left behind by smoke residues inert.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 performs professional Raleigh fire damage restoration services for the local area. The trained and certified technicians are on-call for any size smoke and fire damage cleanup needed.

Fire Damage Restoration Services Help Raleigh Breathe Clean Air

11/21/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO has a team of experts ready to help you. Make that call for the help you need.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration is Economical

House fires in Raleigh create an uncomfortable environment. The soot deposits and smoke residues continue to make a chemically dirty place. These substances exist in the air, also – not solely on surfaces. Fire damage restoration workers prioritize removing as many of these contaminants as possible.

Any blaze in your residence in Raleigh needs a fire damage restoration team. While kitchen fires are often the worst, any fire that does not burn at a near-100% combustion rate produces pollutants. Almost every house fire has copious amounts of soot, oils, and other by-products. Fires that burn synthetics are more challenging to clean than those that burn wood, paper, and other natural materials.

Cleaning the home after a fire means your family can breathe more easily. We can provide several services the majority of houses require for a full recovery, including:

  • Physical removal of soot and other deposits,
  • HVAC system cleaning, and
  • Thermal fogging.

Cleaning with special sponges and different pleasant-smelling botanicals traps a fire’s by-products so they no longer can reach your nose, but the new scent comes as a pleasant change.

If your HVAC system was operating during the fire’s short span, contaminants now lie along the surfaces, waiting for air currents to push them into your family’s living space. We can remove this and ensure that only clean air heats and cools your house.

Thermal fogging works well because the heated vapors act as the smoke did during the fire. Now, instead of pushing particles around, trapping them in tiny enclosed places, the fog moves an encapsulating agent into those same areas. As it cools off, it bonds with solids like soot particles, making it almost impossible to break down and slip out into air currents like it used to do. This doubles as a primary deodorization service.

When you need fire damage restoration services, call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179. We’re local, and We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Understanding What Fire Restoration in Garner Takes

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO says protect your Garner home from house fires by keeping several fire extinguishers handy.

SERVPRO Is Well Aware of Fire Damage Trends in Garner

If you look at fire statistics, you can discover some unique statistics about this property disaster. For instance, it is the most likely to occur in a home, so there are high chances of doing fire restoration at your Garner home at some point. A significant percentage of fires occur at night in the hours after midnight when people are not alert, which underlines the human factor in most fire incidents.

If you feel you could use some assistance in handling fire restoration at your Garner home, you should realize you are not alone. Numbers show that most fires are sparked accidentally by issues like poor wiring or malfunctioning appliances. Since you did not identify and fix the damaged item that later caused a fire in your house, you may have difficulty planning the fire restoration. SERVPRO provides the skills, equipment, and personnel to manage such damage conveniently.

Necessary restoration resources 

  • Dry and wet cleaning resources
  • Moisture control equipment
  • Demolition and waste management equipment  

Fire restoration may require special skills

Arsonists and other criminal actors account for a small percentage of home fires. For such fires, accelerants are typically used for faster ignition and spreading. If the fire department controls it before your structure is completely consumed, the restoration process may require several unique approaches to restore your home to its preloss state.

Traces of accelerants may remain in the house after the fire. Another likely scenario is that the smoke and soot produced by such substances have unique characteristics that make them harder to clean. Our SERVPRO technicians receive sufficient training on handling soiling from different fires, including protein and fuel oil, so it is easy to identify and address the accelerant residue from your property.

Useful actions when resolving the problem:

  • Identifying the type of residue
  • Capturing the residues in dry or solution form
  • Disposing of the residue

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner relies on expertise and statistics to complete fire restoration effectively. Call us at (919) 615-1179.

Fire Restoration in Raleigh Happens Fast with SERVPRO

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs employ multiple procedures involving various professional products and equipment to remove the smoke and soot.

Deodorizing During Fire Restoration in Raleigh

Combating the odors of smoke and soot is a tough challenge during the fire restoration of your Raleigh home. SERVPRO techs often need to employ multiple procedures involving various professional products and equipment to produce the desired results.  

One of the most popular deodorizing techniques that SERVPRO techs use during fire restoration of your Raleigh home is misting. We use two types of mist deodorizers:

  • Water-based- Applied using an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) mister
  • Solvent-based- Applied using a thermal fogger

Two kinds of deodorizers contain exclusive neutralizing agents that assist in rendering odor-causing particles odorless. SERVPRO techs always brief the customer on the kind of deodorant before using it during the fire restoration process.

The Role of Ultra-Low Volume Mister in Smoke Remediation

The ULV mister that SERVPRO techs use in Raleigh homes atomizes the deodorizing liquid and produces a fine mist. The size of the mist particles produced by a ULV is between 20-60 microns and can easily penetrate most areas where odor-causing residues accumulate. 

SERVPRO techs also use a ULV mister to deodorize and seal ventilation ducts and air-handling systems. Several factors make a ULV mister effective in combating odors during house fire cleanup:

  • The mist particles are small enough to penetrate cracks and crevices 
  • The mister is lightweight, making it easy for the techs to mist in all directions
  • Techs can use air movers to keep the deodorant particles airborne for a longer time 
  • Restorers can use safer, water-based agents with ULV misters

Our goal is to restore your home “Like it never even happened.” If you need help dealing with fire and smoke damage, call SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179.

Cleanability Tests Are Crucial in Raleigh Fire Damage Restoration

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration needs to happen very quickly after an event. Team SERVPRO offers effective clean-up and other services. Contact us 24/7.

Cleanability Tests Ensure That Raleigh Fire Damage Restoration Is Swift and Effective

When remediating fire damage in Raleigh, it is exceedingly helpful to know what can be cleaned and what methods and equipment can do it most effectively. This information enables cleanup and restoration professionals to quickly focus on what is salvageable and employ the right equipment to best complete their work, saving homeowners both time and money.

Fire damage restoration in Raleigh, like that provided by services such as SERVPRO, can be quite costly if efforts aren’t properly directed to ensure the greatest efficiency. Knowing where fire and smoke damage is and what might be required to perform house fire clean up and fire restoration efforts is at least half the battle of rehabilitating fire damaged homes. Moreover, it gets the remediation process off to a good start and helps technicians better direct their labors. 

Cleanability testing accomplishes the following things:

  • These checks tell workers where fire and smoke-related residues are, if these residues are cleanable, and if they have resulted from this or a previous fire
  • It allows for more accurate damage estimates, identifies what specific items can and cannot be cleaned, and tells restorers what does not need to be worked on
  • Such procedures give estimators and IICRC-certified technicians a better idea of how much time and money are going to be required to finish the job, as well as what supplies and equipment need to be used
  • It helps better explain your restoration work to insurance adjusters and contrast it with that of contractors who intend to replace or rebuild things 

So, with all of this in mind, remember your neighborhood SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner whenever you need fast, quality, and cost-effective fire damage restoration work done on your home. Call us anytime at (919) 615-1179 for help.

Whom Should Homeowners Hire for Fire Damage Restoration in Garner?

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Before cleaning fire damaged structures, our SERVPRO technicians test to determine the appropriate cleaning strategy.

Reputable Restorers Like SERVPRO Perform Fire Damage Restoration in Garner Homes

Property owners affected by fire go through a traumatic and terrifying ordeal. The fire's intensity and ferocity can make you feel stressed and cause massive property damage and loss. To prevent additional damage, hire professional restorers like SERVPRO for effective restoration.

The more you delay fire damage restoration in your Garner home, the higher the chances of costly repairs. Our restorers respond to our customer's emergencies as quickly as possible. We assess the damage and offer the most effective fire restoration strategy.

Our SERVPRO team of restorers also conducts a thorough inspection to determine the damage extent. During the inspection, we answer questions such as: 

  • Are smoke odors present?
  • What type of smoke residues are in the affected structures and contents?
  • Are the residues light, moderate, or heavy?
  • Are the affected materials washable or non-washable?

Before we clean the affected structures, our SERVPRO technicians test to determine the appropriate cleaning strategy. The testing helps choose a method that can effectively eliminate the residues from the material or surface without damaging it.

For effective cleaning of your home's HVAC system, we can use duct cleaning systems, including a strong vacuum and a filtering system. The vacuum extracts soils and contaminants from the HVAC system and traps them at the filtering system to avoid reintroducing the residues back into the indoor environment.

Fire and smoke odors may persist even after a thorough cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians can use air scrubbers to remove airborne particles, foul smells, and gases. The equipment draws dirty indoor air through several filters to capture gases, odors, and small particles. It leaves the property with clean, fresh air.

Fire damage can be disastrous, especially if left unattended for an extended period. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner for professional restoration at (919) 615-1179.

What Levels of Smoke and Soot Damage Threaten Raleigh Homes?

12/9/2021 (Permalink)

You need a team you can trust after a fire strikes in your home. Call SERVPRO right away.

Understanding the Level of Damage to Raleigh Properties Can Focus Fire Damage Restoration. 

Fires can be a rapidly spreading and destructive disaster for your home or business. Because of how threatened properties can become by circulating soot particles and smoke solids aerosolized by convection currents, SERVPRO professionals must contend with several types of residues and soil deposits on contents and structural surfaces. 

Light Soot Soiling

Providing fire and smoke cleanup for Raleigh homes means providing immediate actions to overcome threatening soil deposits and residue damage to the structure. Light damage can be common, especially in high-heat fires that leave a chalky residue on several surfaces. While chemical sponges aid in removing these soils, loose debris can be cleared beforehand with light mechanical actions and agitation like:

  • Feather dusters
  • Brushes
  • Vacuums

Medium Residue Damage 

Wet smoke damage can often fall into this category, as it ultimately requires some degree of wet cleaning after the initial removal of loose or excess debris on the surface. These situations and subsequent damage result from smoldering fires that do not burn as hot. Specific actions intended to target this level of residue damage and soil deposits can include: 

  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Compressed air
  • Hard-bristled brushing

Heavy Soot and Smoke Damage 

Heavy concentrations of soot and smoke damage are among the most challenging to remove and threatening to the hosting substrate. Reducing the thickness and formidable residue this becomes, aggressive mechanical actions and respective products are needed. Some of these include: 

  • Media blasting
  • Steel wool scrubbing
  • Abrasive powders

Our responding team needs to acknowledge the kind of damage that gets faced after a fire loss. Our SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner team can better overcome obstacles in returning a fire-damaged property to preloss condition by learning the type of residue and the challenges of removing it from affected materials. Give our professionals a call today at (919) 615-1179.

What Precautions Help When Dealing With Floors During Fire Cleanup in Raleigh Homes?

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner knows what has to be done for your fire-damaged property.

SERVPRO Takes Various Precautions to Protect Floors From Unnecessary Damages

When cleaning your fire-damaged property, most of the debris and soils settle on the floors, which can make the removal process challenging. If you are not cautious, your efforts to remove stubborn soils can end up damaging the floors of your Raleigh home.

Taking appropriate precautions during fire cleanup of your Raleigh property can help protect various parts of your floor. When the restoration is handled by a professional like SERVPRO, you can be assured of sufficient protection since the technicians have access to a wide range of tools and accessories to tackle various tasks. 

Some helpful accessories when cleaning floors include:

  • Dollies or lifting straps for moving heavy furniture and appliances
  • Furniture pads or blocks for safe placement of furniture on wet floors
  • Different wand types for cleaning different surfaces like tiles and carpets

Equipment hoses may cause unexpected issues such as door jamb and trim damages when they rub against surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians use corner guards when cleaning floors to prevent such unnecessary issues. 

Different approaches are necessary when dealing with various floor materials to ensure thorough cleanliness or to prevent deterioration. When cleaning hardwood floors, it is essential to do it repeatedly to remove fire residues thoroughly. When mopping, our SERVPRO technicians change the water several times. For carpets, the method used should introduce minimal moisture to ensure faster drying and prevent the glues holding the materials together from deteriorating.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner prioritizes the safety of structures during fire cleanup exercises. Call us at (919) 615-1179. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Helpful is Fire Damage Mitigation for Raleigh Properties?

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

Fire can leave your property with many issues. Trust our experts to bring your home back to its original state "Like it never even happened".

SERVPRO Seeks Ways to Restore Pre-loss Conditions after Water & Fire Damage Restorations

Fire is highly destructive. Even a few-minute blaze can cause unexpected damages to the contents and structural components of your Raleigh home. Although you may not manage to save everything, mitigation efforts can help you salvage valuable items.

Fire damage mitigation actions in Raleigh properties vary depending on what you have in the property and the level of harm caused by the fire. Many of the items and structural materials are readily replaceable, but the costs can be prohibitive. You might also have items with sentimental value, such as art or family heirlooms which you cannot replace. SERVPRO can assist you in finding a way to mitigate the damage by heat, flames, or smoke, thus saving more items.

Mitigation is a Viable Approach When Addressing:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Smoke damage
  • House fire clean up

Although mitigating fire damage may sound different, the same procedures used for regular restoration apply. For instance, cleaning, tearing down structural materials, and deodorization is essential when mitigating fire damage. However, the approach or resources used may differ to help salvage more items. 

Our SERVPRO technicians can promise better outcomes because we have highly trained staff, and we use superior resources to resolve most problems. For example, when we arrive at your property, we embark on securing it by boarding up unsecured openings or installing roof tarps to prevent further damage by weather elements. When cleaning heavy residues, we use effective yet non-abrasive methods such as blast cleaning, thus removing residues from finished surfaces without ruining them.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner customizes fire damage mitigation to match your needs and the loss conditions at your property. The goal is resolving the problem you face, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (919) 615-1179.

Can a Raleigh Kitchen Be Restored After a Cooking Fire?

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchens are common sources of fire damage. Call SERVPRO to clean the smoke and soot damage.

SERVPRO Provides Fire Restoration in Raleigh Using Professional Equipment & Cleaning Products

Kitchen fires are often quickly contained and may not be as damaging as house fires but can still leave homeowners with a huge mess. Residue settles on the ceiling, on walls, and appliances. Foul odors quickly spread throughout the home. 

Is Professional Help Needed for a Cooking Fire?

Cooking fires in Raleigh are different from other fires. They often involve protein, such as skillet with streaks going up in flames, spreading a fine mist everywhere, leaving a coating not easily seen. Soot residue can damage porous surfaces, which is why professional fire restoration in Raleigh is needed when a cooking fire occurs. It is not something to attempt to clean on your own. Our IICRC experts employ several steps when dealing with kitchen fires. They include:

  • Inspection of the area to determine the extent of the smoke and soot damage
  • Identifying the residues present and the needed cleaning methods
  • Identifying the types of surfaces and the appropriate cleaning agents required
  • Capturing and cleaning residues
  • Final repair and restoration

DIY Cleaning Methods Are Not a Good Idea

It may sound easy to clean the walls and ceiling yourself, but you can end up with even worse damage if you use the wrong products. We know which cleaning agents to use to deal with the residue present. We tackle the situation with:

  • Air scrubbers to deal with airborne particulates
  • Immersion cleaning for non-porous items damaged by smoke
  • Thermal foggers for neutralizing odors

Fire restoration is what SERVPRO does, and we do it well. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 smoke remediation and more.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Fire and Smoke Damage from Raleigh Homes?

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO continually trains so that we always have the best industry practices at our disposal when restoring fire damaged homes.

Through Air Filtration and Surface Cleaning, we can Remove Smoke Damage from Raleigh's Properties

Removing circulating soot and smoke particles from the house can be one of the initial ways fire and smoke restoration get started in area homes. Air filtration improves indoor air quality and makes the environment safer to begin fire restoration efforts as soon as possible.

How is Smoke Damage on Surfaces Removed? 

Fire and smoke restoration in Raleigh homes and businesses can also include the removal of soot from surfaces. Circulating smoke particles come to rest on building materials and contents, which can cause damage to these substrates after prolonged exposure. Loosening and removing these soils should be a top priority for our responding technicians, which involves multiple strategies designed with preserving the underlying material in mind. Some of these include:

  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Potent solvents
  • Soda blasting
  • Controlled demolition

As challenging as fire and smoke restoration can become, we have experienced technicians to help when you need it. You can rely on the fast response of our SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner team by calling (919) 615-1179.

Is Fire Restoration Sufficient In Saving Damaged Contents In Raleigh Homes?

4/4/2021 (Permalink)

Whether fire damage in your home was small or large, team SERVPRO can help. Contact our SERVPRO technicians 24/7 365 days a year for services.

SERVPRO Uses Several Approaches during Fire Restoration in Raleigh to Save More Items

Most people think of fire restoration as the cleanup and removal of clutter from a Raleigh property after a fire. However, the process can include several other processes, especially when a professional service provider is involved. When restoration incorporates such additional processes, it leads to the salvaging of more items. For satisfactory outcomes, you should work with a provider used to handling:

  • Fire damaged homes
  • House fire clean up
  • Water & fire damage restorations

SERVPRO starts fire restoration with straightforward processes like cleaning since it is cheaper and effective since many items are only affected by smoke residues. The cleaning processes can range from surface wiping to immersion, depending on the material and size of the affected item.

For charred items, cleaning may not suffice. Depending on the type of item, heavy abrasion or resurfacing might be necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians use various approaches to restore charred surfaces, including blast cleaning with CO2, Sand, or Soda. Alternatively, we can use Roto pads, brushes, sandpaper, or abrasive powder. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner takes every possible step to ensure fire restoration helps save items in the affected household. Call us at (919) 615-1179 if you need assistance.

Looking for Home Fire Restoration in Raleigh?

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

Affected by recent fire damage? Contact (919) 615-1179 if you need help with professional fire damage restoration services.

SERVPRO Professionals in Raleigh Remediate Fire Damage Soils

Fire damage can be sudden and overwhelming for property owners. Fortunately, professional care from licensed technicians can return a home to its preloss state while saving time and money.

SERVPRO addresses Raleigh homeowners’ fire damage restoration needs with Faster To Any Size Disaster service, commercial-grade tools, and EPA-registered sanitation solutions.

About Fire Damage Soils

Fire damage soils can be categorized based on what has burned:

  • Plastics, oils, and petroleum products release oily soils when burned and are challenging to clean and prone to staining. These fires tend to last longer because they burn more slowly and at lower temperatures
  • Items like paper and unfinished dry wood ignite at higher temperatures much more quickly, leaving behind dry deposits and fewer stains

Different types of home fire extinguishers address these soils:

  • Type A extinguishers handle dry flammable goods like wood and paper
  • Type B extinguishers specialize in combating oil and grease fires
  • Type C extinguishers are made to quell electrical fires

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner renders fire damage restoration for homeowners who call (919) 615-1179.

Test Your Trivia Skills In Raleigh

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Join in on the fun at Trivia night, every Monday at 7 PM at Southern Charred where you can enjoy delicious food as you play.

Have Fun With Friends At A Regular Raleigh Quiz Night

Southern Charred in downtown Raleigh is well known for its delicious BBQ food. As well as their famous BBQ platters and sides, Southern Charred offers home-cooked classics such as skillet mac, fried chicken, and waffles.

They also offer fun trivia nights:

  • Teams of up to eight people per table.
  • Hosted by Lee Jones, Triangle’s best trivia host.
  • Play for prizes!

You can purchase food and drink throughout the quiz. Trivia entry, however, is free for all. Trivia nights run every Monday from 7 PM, and there is no need to book. Simply show up with your friends, your general knowledge, and a drive to win! If you would like to try your hand at ax throwing, Southern Charred offers that too (check their website for more details.)

BBQ food is lovely, but of course, you have to be mindful of the risk of fire when cooking. Kitchen fires can be particularly noxious and leave behind foul-smelling soot. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner is here to help with fire and odor removal. Call us today at (919) 615-1179.

How Should My Raleigh Home Be Cleaned? Cleaning and Removing Odors After Housefires

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

For assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179.

SERVPRO Takes Many Factors into Account When Creating Cleaning Goals in Raleigh

Fires in Raleigh and throughout the state of North Carolina differ significantly. No two fires or fire cleanups are alike. Our SERVPRO technicians create a plan for your unique situation, taking into account the type of fire and the extent of the damage. One component of cleanup to consider is deodorizing after a fire. Inevitably there is a malodor following a fire.

How Should Technicians Approach My Antique Furniture?
SERVPRO Assesses the Surface to Determine the Appropriate Cleaning Strategies

When dealing with fire and odor restoration in Raleigh, our technicians consider each piece of furniture according to surface, materials, and age. Cleanup after a fire is not cut and dry. Each surface has to be treated differently. There are different smoke residues, depending on the type of fire that requires other cleaning techniques. For instance, protein fires often leave a sticky opaque residue on surfaces that is more difficult to remove than dry soot.

What Are Some of the Common Factors That Determine Cleanability After a Fire?
    •    The type of material and surfaces that sustained fire damage.
    •    The specific amount of heat, oxygen, and moisture at the time of the fire.
    •    Ventilation and airflow for the impacted area.
    •    Types of smoke residues.

An important aspect to consider during fire restoration projects are the types of surfaces you are cleaning. The more porous the surface, the more the particles and odors penetrate, making the surface difficult to clean. Approaching this type of surface with a wet rag with most likely drive the particles into the furniture further. Older surfaces tend to be more challenging to clean, as well.

For assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Can Homeowners Remove Soot from their Fire Damaged Walls?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

Soot damage is difficult to remove. SERVPRO is always on call to restore your home.

SERVPRO Determines Appropriate Cleaning Methods in Raleigh  

After going through a fire in your Raleigh home, you need to develop a restoration and cleanup plan. The major challenge with fires is that smoke residue and odors are different depending on the fire's cause and source of the smoke. In some cases, washing walls after a fire is efficient, and in other instances washing the walls causes smearing and creates a bigger mess than when you started. Our trained professionals test a small portion of the soiled area to determine the proper course of action. 

How Do I Know if I Should Repaint the Walls?

SERVPRO Helps Decide How to Restore Your Home Best 

When all else falls during your Raleigh fire damage restoration project, painting the walls can help solve your smoke residue and odor problems. It is critical to clean the walls, typically with dry cleaning methods, before painting. If not correctly addressed, fire damage may become visible. Before painting and after thoroughly cleaning the impacted area, our technicians use sealers to cover any lingering stains to ensure full coverage. 

Is There a Comparison of Wet and Dry Cleaning?

  • Dry cleaning (non-washable) uses brushes and a vacuum rather than water and liquid cleaner.
  • Wet cleaning (washable) uses water-based cleaning products and often rinses with water after cleaning.
  • Technicians determine appropriate cleaning methods depending on the type of residue.
  • Oil-based residues require a dry solvent cleaning agent for effective cleaning.
  • Both porous and nonporous surfaces may require either type of cleaning. 

Various cleaning methods, products, and techniques may be used during the cleanup and restoration process. Each fire situation is different, requiring a specialized cleaning plan. 

For 24/7 after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Do You Need Professional Fire and Odor Restoration?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

No matter the size, fire damage produces smoke and soot odors. SERVPRO knows how to remove these odors.

SERVPRO Fire and Odor Restoration Helps Raleigh Homes Smell Good Once More

Raleigh homeowners hope that they will never be the victim of a house blaze. And we certainly hope that a fire will not happen to you, either. However, no matter how attentive you are, sometimes a disaster occurs anyway, and this is where SERVPRO can help.

Raleigh homeowners who need fire and odor restoration services are often particularly concerned about the leftover smoky scent. It is natural to be worried about smoke smells – smoke has a distinctive aroma that is pervasive and hard to remove.

Why are smoke smells so pervasive?

Smoke smells are hard to eliminate because of the way smoke particles interact with nearby surfaces. Smoke particles are tiny – some may even be smaller than certain bacteria! Because smoke particles are little, it is easy for them to slip inside other materials and set up residence there.

Once smoke molecules penetrate other materials, it is tough to get the smell out. In the case of soot, the particles may also contain harmful chemicals.

Which materials smell worst after smoke damage?

Porous materials and materials that absorb smells readily are particularly susceptible to bad odors after a fire. Such materials include

  • Clothes
  • Upholstery
  • Fabric and drapes
  • Certain kinds of plastics
  • Wood and plaster used in building materials

Can I do anything to help with odor restoration?

There is lots of information out there about how to handle smoke odors. Suggestions include:

  • Airing out your home
  • Cleaning all upholstery and fabric
  • Throwing away anything that is smoke damaged
  • Mopping hardwood floors
  • Getting your carpets professionally cleaned 

SERVPRO understands the urge to clean up your home as quickly as possible, especially if it smells terrible. However, we recommend waiting until you have talked to one of our professional cleanup crews before deciding which actions to take.

Why do I need a professional cleanup crew?

SERVPRO recommends all local householders should call in a professional fire and odor remediation crew after a fire in Raleigh. We train our teams in the latest fire and odor restoration procedures. We equip our teams with extensive knowledge and all the necessary equipment to get better results than if you attempt to DIY everything.

Our teams assess every aspect of your home. Our assessment includes the structure itself and all the contents, including furniture, drapes, and even clothes and books. We train our teams to look at the extent of the damage and decide on the best course of action. When you work with us, you augment your chances of recovering essential items instead of throwing them away.

We also recommend calling in the professionals, so you do not put yourself in any danger. As we discussed earlier, soot particles can contain damaging chemicals. There are also health hazards associated with structural damage to your home, leftover water from firefighting efforts, and even hidden mold growth due to remaining damp patches.

What can SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Gardner do to help with odor removal?

Working with a professional team is the safest and most effective option for odor removal. We equip our technicians with a full range of equipment designed for battling odors and leaving your home smelling fresh.

Our visit begins with a professional assessment of your property and a comprehensive restoration plan designed to get your home livable again. We begin by removing leftover moisture from fire hoses or any other water. We have a range of extractors for this purpose, ranging from small wand extractors to powerful truck-mounted pumps. We take care of any immediate structural hazards such as broken windows or damaged masonry, to ensure the work area is entirely safe.

Once we have a blueprint in place, we set to work cleaning the surfaces in your home. Our cleaning methods range from spot cleaning and soaking to dry brushing and abrasion. Our teams know the best process for each material and level of smoke damage, so you can rest assured we always use the right method for the job at hand.

We do not stop when your home looks clean – we also carry out deodorization to ensure it smells fresh. We have many deodorizing techniques at our disposal. These include thermal fogging, odor-absorbing beads, air scrubbers, and even air movers and fans.

Because fighting odors is an essential part of our fire restoration work, you can rest assured that you will not be left struggling with unwanted smells that remind you of the fire. We understand that smoky aroma can be very upsetting to homeowners after a fire, so we include deodorization in our fire restoration efforts.

If you are concerned about lingering smoke smells after a fire, give SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Gardner a call at (919) 615-1179.

What Can Fire Damage Do to My Home After Cleanup?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO coordinates with insurance claims to simplify the process while mitigating the fire damage in a Raleigh residence.

SERVPRO Saves Homes with Fire Debris Removal in Raleigh

Home structure fires, whether they occur in kitchens, living areas, attics, or garages, can create significant amounts of debris with surprising swiftness. Fires can spread in as little as 30 seconds to one minute, leaving Raleigh homeowners with a limited time frame to safely douse a small fire before it creates extreme damages.

If your Raleigh home requires fire debris removal to restore it to a preloss state, SERVPRO is ready to assist you with commercial-grade tools, training, and cleaning solutions. On top of that, you can expect service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Should I Do and What Should I Avoid in an Emergency Situation?

  • Avoid washing walls, furniture, or floors on your own. Consumer-grade cleaners are not designed to take on fire damage, and it is possible to damage your belongings further unintentionally.
  • Keep movement in the home to a minimum to reduce the spread of soot and residues throughout the property.
  • Do not operate fire-damaged electronics and appliances until they have been cleaned and determined safe for use.
  • Cover air registers with cheesecloth to prevent the spread of residues and odors throughout your home’s ventilation system.

What Does SERVPRO Consider When Handling Home Fire Damage?

SERVPRO technicians take a variety of factors into account when removing soot and debris, including:

  • Whether surfaces are porous or nonporous
  • The degree to which smoke residues have penetrated or stained surfaces
  • Whether soot residues have turned acidic from moisture exposure
  • The presence of water damage from fire suppression

Debris is handled with care and carefully documented to bolster your proof of loss claim.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner can ensure that your home looks, “Like it never even happened.” Call (919) 615-1179 for rapid-response disaster mitigation service within hours.

Tips for Smokers for Preventing a Home Fire

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

When your home is damaged by a fire, be sure to call our team of fire restoration experts.

Even though there are less cigarette smokers in recent times, there are still many home fires caused by a cigarette fire. These fires also among the most harmful, perhaps because many start after a person has fallen asleep. Like many fires, this type can be avoided with some common sense precautions. A person should never smoke in bed. Mixing heavy drinking and smoking in the home is a dangerous combination. Throwing partially extinguished cigarettes into the trash or yard can lead to a fire just a few hours later. Young adults who smoke in the home may not be as careful as older adults so they should be watched carefully and educated on what to watch out for.

The Dangers of an Ashtray Fire
Even the conscientious use of an ashtray does not rule out a cigarette fire. The following habits should be avoided at all times:

  • Throwing warm ashes in the trash
  • Leaving the home if hot ashes are still smoldering
  • Placing an ashtray near an open window
  • Taking an ashtray into a bedroom
  • Leaving a lit cigarette unattended

A worst-case scenario is when a fire starts after everyone is asleep. For this reason, all homes should be equipped with working fire alarms.
The Benefits of Professional Fire Cleanup
After a home fire in Raleigh, NC many challenges exist during the cleanup process. A qualified fire repair and recovery team has all the resources needed to return a home to its pre-fire condition. Highly-trained technicians know how to remove the damage caused by soot and smoke. They have the equipment to permanently remove odors so there is not a trace of that persistent smoke smell. Many common remedies for odor removal only hide the odor; eventually though, the smell will return. Hiring a company that follows the best practices of the cleaning and restoration industry makes sure the odor is identified and eliminated from the home over time.

How to Maintain Your Smoke Alarm

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Fire alarms can help you get out safely!

A smoke alarm is an important device that should be present in every Raleigh, NC home.

If the fire is small, an alarm may be able to notify you in time to prevent the flames from spreading and causing severe damage. In cases of larger fires, it can allow you to leave the building safely and prevent harm to you and your family.

Types of Alarms
When it comes to your smoke alarm, there are a few different types that you could have. These include:

  • Traditional battery-powered alarms
  • Lithium battery-powered alarms
  • Hard-wired alarms

Hard-wired alarms are connected to your home’s electrical system which can make them a more reliable choice. They also use back-up batteries, so the alarm will still sound if the power is out. Along with different power sources, alarms also come in photoelectric and ionization varieties that detect smoke in different ways. You can also purchase a dual-sensor smoke detector that uses both of these technologies.

Alarm Maintenance
Because it is essential to have a working smoke alarm in the event of an emergency, you should always keep your alarm well-maintained. This includes keeping it free of dust and debris that can affect the accuracy of the detector. You should also test the batteries at least once each month. With a traditional battery-powered alarm, you will need to change the batteries once or twice a year. A lithium battery is designed to last throughout the life of the device and will not need to be replaced.

While an alarm can help you limit the amount of fire damage that occurs in your home, you may still need to have repairs done after a fire has happened. If this is the case, you can hire a fire remediation company to return your home to normal. They can clean and remove soot and smoke damage, repair and rebuild any affected areas and restore many of your damaged belongings.

What To Know About Lightning and House Fires

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Lightning strike in a Lizard Lick, NC home

What To Know About Lightning and House Fires

When you live in Lizard Lick, NC, the concept of lighting fire to the land may not be unheard of. While lightning striking the home is statistically less likely than a forest strike, it can cause wildfires which may also pose a fire risk to your home. It’s important to understand this phenomenon and what to do if a fire should occur. Here are three things you may wish to know.

1. When Strikes Occurs

In most locations it’s common to see strike related wild fire risk rise in mid to late summer when conditions tend to be drier and hotter than the rest of the year. In many places storms are also more likely to occur in the afternoon and evening hours of the day. You may wish to listen to weather advisories for your area. Be sure to follow any fire risk guidelines, such as avoiding cooking outdoors, during dry conditions.

2. What To Do if a Fire Occurs

If it does look like a lightning started fire could lead to a house fire, then it’s important to follow fire safety procedures. This includes following any evacuation notices even if you don’t believe you’re at risk. Once the wild fire is contained or extinguished your local fire personal will advise you as to when it’s safe to return.

3. How To Clean Up After a Fire

If a strike lighting fire in the area does cause damage to your home then it may be best to contact a fire damage restoration professional for your restoration needs. Not only can they handle any fire or smoke damage caused by the flames, but can also deal with water damage repairs that may be necessary after fire suppression efforts.
Understanding the weather and fire danger around you can help you prepare for the eventuality that a strike lighting fire nearby may occur. It’s important to follow all safety advisories, including evacuation notices, in the event a strike caused wildfire threatens your home. When you're allowed back to the property you may choose to contact a fire damage restoration professional to conduct any repairs.

3 Initial Steps To Take After a Fire in Your Home

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Lizard Lick, NC

A residential fire can be a terrifying and unsettling experience for any homeowner. If you have experienced fire damage in your Lizard Lick, NC, home, having some information about what to expect may help you navigate the early stages of cleanup and restoration. It’s important to move quickly into the cleanup to prevent secondary damage, but the most important first step is ensuring your home is safe to enter.

Confirm the Safety of Your Home

Once the fire is extinguished, a fire safety specialist will likely inspect key areas of potential damage to determine whether entering your home is safe.

  • The Electrical System may be inspected for damage and will likely be disconnected from power until the water can be safely removed from the dwelling.
  • The Structural Integrity of stairwells, floors and ceilings may be inspected for fire damage, to determine whether they are stable enough to support cleanup.
  • Hazardous Chemicals may be examined to assess their stability and confirm no unique dangers remain.

This important inspection can protect you and your family from incidents that could only complicate an already difficult situation.

Survey the Damage

Once your home is cleared for safe entry, a fire official will generally accompany you to survey your property. You may notice, in addition to fire and smoke damage, that water damage from the pressurized fire hose may be significant. Once you have an overview, it is important to call your insurance agent to ask about the details of your coverage and schedule with an adjuster.

Hire a Professional Remediation Expert

It is strongly recommended that you hire a specialist to manage the complex fire and water cleanup process. Professional teams know how to clean and dry your damaged property quickly and safely. They have access to specialized equipment and methods for restoring your structure and belongings as completely as possible.

Home fire damage can mean extreme physical and emotional stress for you and your family. The initial impact can make even small tasks difficult. Safely assessing your damage and seeking expert assistance are your first steps in the direction of returning to your home and your peace of mind.

4 Tips for Handling Electronics After a Home Fire

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Keep all of your devices off

Four Tips For The Best Chance of Restoring Any Electronics

If you’ve just experienced a home fire in Willow Spring, NC, you likely are eager to see if your electronic devices are working. However, these type of belongings requires special handling by a fire cleanup company to ensure further damage doesn’t occur. When trying to recover your items after a fire, make sure to follow the following four tips for the best chance of restoring any electronics.

1. Keep All of Your Devices Off

Never try turning on devices after a fire. Smoke damage can leave a residue containing acids on any metal surfaces of the device, which can lead to corrosion. Turning on the device before removing these residues can cause electronic failure.

2. Allow Wet Items to Dry

Items can be affected by water used to extinguish the flames. It is important you allow the device to completely dry before attempting to turn it on. Personal devices like cellphones or tablets can be placed in a bag of rice to help absorb any water.

3. Unplug All Appliances and Devices

Even if your device is turned off, smoke and water can damage items that are plugged in since a small amount of power if often still supplied to inactive electronics. If it is safe to do so, unplug any items that are still plugged into your home’s electrical system or notify the fire cleanup specialist.

4. Search For Warranty Records and Take Inventory of Items

If any of your electronics cannot be saved, it helps to have your warranty records on hand. This way, you can receive some money back for damaged items. Additionally, it helps to keep track of your electronics so you can give insurance an inventory of what was lost.
Many of your electronics are very valuable and some devices, such as your home computer, might contain important files and memories that are irreplaceable. These four tips ensure the best chance you can recover your electronics before the fire cleanup company arrives.

Protect Your Property After a Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Use tarp to isolate any sooty areas to keep the mess from spreading

A fire can cause varying degrees of structural damage to your commercial property once all is said and done. While you handle fire cleanup, preventing further damage can be of the utmost importance. There are several things you can do to mitigate your losses in Willow Spring, NC.

Cover Up

Roof and wall damage can leave the interior of your building exposed to the elements, such as rain and wind. You will want to clear out everything you can to either be stored elsewhere or thrown away. Then you should take measures to:

  • board up any holes in the exterior
  • cover any blown out windows
  • hire tarp services to fill in the missing sections of roof
  • use tarp to isolate any sooty areas to keep the mess from spreading

Lock Up

A damaged property can be an easy target for looters. You should consider providing additional security like a camera or padlocks where you can. It would help to remove anything of value from the property until fire cleanup is complete and all the repairs are finished. Signage indicating that the area is restricted would be a useful final touch.

Lawyer Up

While you're waiting on the roof repair, it would be a good time to call up your insurance company. You can file a claim, find out what you're covered for and re-up your insurance if you feel it's necessary. If you suspect that the cause of the fire was due to faulty equipment or the oversight of another company, you should also look into taking legal action.
The period of time that exists in between the fire itself and the restoration of your building is a critical one. You should be sure to take all the proper steps to ensure that no further damage is caused and that your property is secure before the hard work of fire cleanup starts. Don't forget to document this process, as well.

How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Home After a Fire

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Ozone machines clean smoke particles from the air to remove odors

Smoke Cleaning Steps

Even after the fire has passed, your Garner, NC, home may still have lingering odor. There are a few different ways that you can get rid of this unpleasant smell. Use the following smoke cleaning steps to get your home smelling fresh again.

1. Remove Remaining Smoke Residue

An important step to removing smoke odor is getting rid of any residue that may have been left behind. This soot not only contributes to bad smells in your home, but it can also cause further damage to your belongings. This residue is corrosive and can cause metals, plastics and other materials to break down over time, so you should be sure to remove it completely from your home.

2. Clean Fabrics and Soft Items

Porous materials can trap soot and hold odors, so smoke cleaning should always include these items. You will need to clean any carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture in your home. Items such as clothing, blankets and stuffed animals will likely need a deep cleaning as well.

3. Hire a Professional Service

The best way to have smoke damage and odor removed from your home is to hire a professional fire restoration company to do the work for you. Because they have the necessary equipment and training to handle this kind of damage, they will be able to clean your home much more thoroughly than you could on your own. They will have access to ozone machines, thermal foggers and air filtration devices that use a variety of techniques to effectively clean smoke particles from the air to remove odors. They can also make sure that any affected belongings are properly cleaned.

In order to remove any remaining odors from your home, professional smoke cleaning is the best solution. A restoration company will often include these services during the remediation and repairs process. With their expertise, your home will be clean and odor-free in no time.

4 Steps You Must Take After a Fire

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a fire starts in the office, threatens your safety and inflicts serious damage. You prepare your best to ensure this never happens, but this won’t guarantee your immunity from a disaster. If you’ve had a fire at your place of business in Raleigh, NC, you need to act quickly so the fire restoration process can begin and allow you to return to work.

4 Steps You Must Take After a Fire

1. Stay Safe

Nothing is more critical than the safety and well-being of your employees. Your building’s integrity, your business information and your equipment are secondary to getting everyone out and away from harm.

• Develop a fire escape plan.
• Practice your plan at least annually.
• Do not re-enter the building unless a competent professional deems it safe to do so.

2. Document Damage

Depending on how severe the damage is in your building, you might not have access to your business for several days or even longer. If you can’t get inside for a while, have a trained professional such as firefighter take photos to record the extent of the damage and what areas were affected. Make sure you don’t touch any items, however.

3. Contact Insurance

If your company has fire insurance coverage, you will save yourself many financial headaches. Call your insurance agent as soon as you can - even before the fire restoration process begins.

4. Cleanup Structure

Only the most qualified professionals should handle this step. A company that specializes in fire cleanup and smoke cleaning will remove all soot and ash from your building. The technicians will extract any water and will clean and sanitize damp areas. A board-up service will cover holes or damaged structures as well. The team will also tear out unsalvageable carpet, drywall, furniture and other items. A skilled group of professionals will then replace these so you can resume your business in the building.

Fire restoration is critical, so you must hire the most reputable companies to help with this effort. Also, make sure you involve your insurance company.

Kitchen Safety Tips

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

You do it every day, oftentimes three times a day, without a second thought: cooking. For many people, cooking is second nature, and the thought of a grease fire or a kitchen fire is far from their mind. However, even the most experienced of cooks have set fire to their stoves once or twice. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, kitchen fires are the leading cause of house fires. Fortunately, kitchen fires are highly preventable, with these tips from fire restoration experts in Raleigh, NC: 

• Keep track of what you place on your stove top. 
• Remain in the kitchen while you cook. 
• Wear proper cooking attire. 

Know What’s on Your Stovetop

One of the biggest culprits of kitchen fires is miscellaneous items left on stovetops, such as towels, papers, appliance cords and curtains. Keep your stovetop clear of all items that do not belong on a hot surface or, at the very least, know what is on your stove before turning it on. By keeping track of what you place on your burners, you can know what to remove and therefore prevent kitchen fires. 

Stay in the Kitchen While You Cook 

This tip is especially important if you have small children or animals. Children and pets may be small, but they’re quick, and if left unattended for even a second, they could unwittingly knock a hot pot from the stovetop or place a flammable item on its surface. Protect your home and your family by remaining in the kitchen and vigilant the entire time you’re cooking. 

Wear Proper Clothing

This is one of the most ignored cooking tips but probably one of the wisest. Many kitchen fires start because a flowing sleeve or a too-big shirt gets caught in a gas grill, burner or open flame. Make sure to wear tight clothing while cooking, and roll up long sleeves. 

Kitchen fires can be extremely dangerous, not to mention the extensive amount of fire damage they can cause. Fortunately, such fires are preventable. With these three tips, you can cook smart and stay safe whenever you decide to yield a spatula and frying pan. 

The Importance of Having Your Electronics Cleaned After a Fire

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

A fire cleanup company in Zebulon can help in preserving items that have been exposed to smoke

If you’ve recently experienced a fire in your home in Zebulon, NC, you’re likely wondering what can be done to help restore your valuable items that have been damaged by smoke or fire. One type of personal item you will need to handle with extreme care is all electronics. It is best to wait on interacting with your devices until the fire restoration company arrives and evaluates all your belongings during the fire cleanup process. A complete understanding of how smoke affects electronics will help you avoid accidentally destroying your items or hurting yourself.

How Smoke Affects Electronics

Smoke damage is especially harmful to electronics, even if you don’t notice any physical damage. Here’s why:

  • Acids contained in smoke residue corrodes metal
  • Smoke insulates components and causes over-heating
  • Extremely hot plastic or metal releases toxic fumes
  • Smoke on circuit boards cause erratic behavior

How a Fire Cleanup Company Can Help

Fire restoration specialists are aware of how smoke and fire affects your electronics and can help identify which items have been damaged. As long as you don’t turn on your electronics after they’ve been exposed to smoke, there’s a chance the company can get your device working again. Time is of the essence when it comes to restoring smoke damaged electronics, so make sure you get help as soon as possible. While you might not have the equipment and expertise necessary to restore your device without potentially hurting yourself or destroying your device for good, they will know exactly what steps to take!

Although fire and smoke can have a devastating effect on your electronics, a fire cleanup company can be extremely helpful in preserving items that have been exposed to smoke. It’s important to remember that you might not be able to tell by looking that your electronics have been damaged. Play it safe by keeping your device off and waiting for the cleanup team to inspect it!

How To Keep Your Home Smoke Alarms in Good Working Order

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Garner,NC apartment

It’s a good feeling when your family is all tucked safely in bed and the world is at peace. But sleeping through a fire is a leading cause of death in Garner, NC. A smoke alarm is the best way to keep your family safe from the ravages of a home fire. If properly installed and fitted with fresh batteries, an alarm will sound at the first sign of smoke or flame and alert your family members in time to get out before they are overtaken by smoke or heat. But how often do you need to give these units a little attention?

How To Keep Your Smoke Detector Going Strong

  • You need to replace the batteries in every unit at least once a year
  • Test the units periodically to make sure they are functioning
  • For modern units, it is recommended they be replaced about every ten years
  • Most inexpensive alarms work as well as expensive designer ones – but good batteries can make a difference

Taking Further Steps

You can also buy linked detectors, which can for instance, set off an alarm upstairs when a fire is sensed up by a detector downstairs. The cost of batteries doesn’t compare it to the price you would have to pay if something goes wrong and you have no warning, so use quality batteries. Make sure to install the appropriate number for the home you are living in and that they are all in good working order.

If things do go wrong, your home could suffer from fire damage, as well as damage from water and smoke. Cleanup and repair can be a daunting task and one that is hard to tackle on your own. Call a professional restoration service in Garner, NC, to help salvage and repair your home and its belongings. They can help with washing, dry cleaning and ozone or ultrasonic treatments to rid your home of residue and odor.

How To Efficiently Clean Your Gas Grill

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Frequent grill cleaning can reduce the risk of a destructive fire in your Auburn, NC home

Grilling may be a common summer activity for many households in Auburn, NC. Performing a grill maintenance inspection at the beginning of the season can help you ensure your unit is primed for optimal performance. To help minimize the risk of a grease fire, you should also complete a simple grill cleaning after every use.

Initial Inspection

Your grill may sit idle for many months. Because of this, it’s a good idea to complete a thorough inspection prior to using it for the first time every spring or summer. Performing routine checks throughout the summer is also beneficial and may help you diagnose leaks and other safety concerns early. An efficient grill maintenance review should include the following steps:

  • Check fuel lines for bends, holes or cracks and replace as needed
  • Examine fuel tank for defects and loose connections
  • Ensure pressure regulator is adequately secured to tank
  • Confirm that the ignition system is operating correctly

You should also test gas lines for leaks by wiping a soapy water mixture on them and then turning on the gas. If you see bubbles forming along a line, there is a leak. For safety reasons, you should promptly replace any leaking gas lines.

Cleaning After Use

Completing a quick grill cleaning after every use can also help you maintain your device. To initiate the process, burn off excess grease and food for approximately 15 minutes. Allow the grill to cool until the grates are only slightly warm to the touch.

As a safety precaution, disconnect the gas tank before proceeding. Then, brush the grill grates to remove remaining residue. To minimize the risk of a grease fire, you should also routinely clean the cook box and dispose of grease and debris. Finish the job by wiping the grill’s exterior with stainless steel cleaner or soapy water.

Avoiding a Grill Fire

Frequent grill cleaning can help reduce the risk of a potentially destructive fire that may require extensive cleanup and fire damage restoration. Performing a routine grill maintenance inspection is another key safety precaution that every budding grill master should complete annually.

Reasons To Have Electronics Cleaned After a Fire

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

In order to ensure that electronic devices can be used safely, they must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during the fire cleanup process.

Fire damages everything near it. If a fire breaks out in your home in Raleigh, NC, you don't just need to have the immediate charred area cleaned. Fire cleanup must occur throughout your home. Even items that look like they are fine may have taken on severe smoke damage. This is especially true of your electronic equipment. Even if there is no visible damage, there are many reasons your electronics need to be restored by certified experts.

Items Affected

The effects of smoke may not be apparent at first glance. Unless your electronics are inspected by a qualified technician, you have no way of knowing if they were damaged in the fire. All of your electronics must be inspected:

• Computers
• Televisions
• Game consoles
• E-readers or tablets
• DVD players
• Stereos

Thermal Damage

The heat caused by the fire damages electronics. It can melt delicate components, causing the system to short or simply not work at all. It also expands the porous openings of the device, allowing smoke to enter. It can also warp devices, causing them to overheat the next time they are used. Every fire cleanup process includes taking into account the amount of heat that was present at the time of the fire to assess the potential damage it caused.

Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot are highly corrosive. The acidity levels in soot cause anything it infiltrates to degrade. The oxidation involved in the corrosion process can cause etching or pitting in the metal components of your electronics. Smoke is also electrically charged, which can cause circuitry to short and the devices to overheat when in use.

In order to ensure that electronic devices can be used safely, they must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during the fire cleanup process. While it's possible that the fire caused too much damage to restore the machine properly, an electronics expert is your best chance of getting it to work again. For more information, visit

Kitchen Fires: Smart Cooking Is the Best Deterrent

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Better safe than sorry is more than a cliché. When it comes to avoiding kitchen fires, it’s one of the best tips ever.

Whether you cook to survive or the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s the most likely room for home fires to start. By following a few basic tips, you can easily prevent kitchen fires and avoid the heartbreak of fire damage to your beloved appliances and keepsakes.

Avoid a Disaster While in the Kitchen

Many people know the best way to extinguish a grease fire is by smothering it or using a fire extinguisher — never use water, which makes these fires spread and intensify. However, the best way to prevent any kitchen fires from starting in Raleigh, NC, is smart cooking:

1. Wearing flowing clothes like kaftans and robes with gull-wing sleeves while cooking may sound like fun. However, those styles increase the chance of the cook catching fire when the loose material hits a hot burner or oven element.
2. Grease buildup on stove surfaces, under burners and in the interior of the oven easily catches fire, so keep those areas clean.
3. Never walking away from a stove while broiling, grilling or frying is one of the best tips to avoid kitchen fires. The high temperatures required for all those cooking methods make them the most dangerous, and even a few seconds out of the room is enough time for food or grease to ignite.
4. Timers aren’t just for baking. It’s easy to get distracted, so set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes when you leave the room and come back for a minute to occasionally stir the sauce, taste the soup, or just make sure everything is on track.
5. Keep your stovetop and adjacent surfaces free of everything flammable, including curtains, food packaging, bags, potholders and wooden kitchen tools.
6. It’s easy to get caught up in serving, eating and cleaning up when you cook. Before leaving home or retiring for the night, take a minute to double-check that all small appliances, ovens and stovetops are switched off.

Better safe than sorry is more than a cliché. When it comes to avoiding kitchen fires, it’s one of the best tips ever. Contact your local fire department in Raleigh, NC, with questions or concerns about home fire prevention. For more information, visit